Pubg/Bgmi 2.7 lag fix config file download 2gb /3gb / 4gb ram and more - 2023

Pubg/Bgmi 2.7 lag fix config file download 2gb ram /3gb ram / 4gb ram and more - 2022

BGMI Lag Fix Config File for 2,3,4,6 GB ram Device

Pubg/Bgmi 2.7 lag fix config file download

PUBG or BGMI 2.7 Game has become popular in the world, everyone prefers to play this kind of game because here the players need to survive till the last of one person wins the game, so while playing a game sometimes lags occur which make your game choppy our phone. In the config file which I provided today, you will find that it provides lag-free issues, overheating problems get solved, it will boost your device, and constant 60Fps in-game.

Here in this article, I am going to share with you genuine information on the bgmi 2.7 lag fix config file for 2,3,4, and 6 GB ram devices. This config file is fully been updated and made for the low-end device to overcome all lag issues and to solve the overheating problem too. If you are a low-end device player then you may know the issues you may face while playing bgmi or pubg.

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In this article, I am going to share a new and latest updated config file to overcome the lag issues caused by overheating and because of low-end device problems. If you are looking for a new lag fixing file then you are on the right site here I had provided the latest config file for Bgmi and Pubg 2.7 lag fix Config file with an extreme option.

What is BGMI Lag?

Friends, firstly let us discuss what is bgmi lag or Lagging, Here if you are a low-end device player or a device that gets overheated quickly then you may know what lag is. But if you don't know then let me tell you that lag means the hanging of the phone, directly shutdown of the phone is nothing but lag. Because of lag, your screen may get change, and also display may get shut down.

The first reason for why your phone gets lag, due to heavy working on phone, playing heavier games like pubg, Fortnite, free fire, can cause heavy stress on phone processor and on ram so that the processor gets overheated and can't provide the maximum performance you need so it gets slower and due to heat you screen gets choppy and lag may occur.

The second reason for the lag is due to lots of applications installed on your phone or heavy files, images, and videos may lead to fill your phone storage faster and so, to provide equal performance to all the processors get overloaded and get fast heat. Due to this, it gets slower and low storage can also lead to lagging while playing the game.

And the last reason is because of lots of updates in that app can also lead to lag. Like Pubg/ Bgmi occupy 10GB storage in device till July 2022 with Bgmi 2.0 Update. But at every update pubg brings more updates and which is too heavier so the device can't handle this load on a single app. But if many apps like pubg which carry more updates and occupy more space then it may lead to lag the device.

Bgmi Lag Fix File config file for 32bit and 64bit Device

Here, in this config file, I have provided the best lag fix files which can cover 85% of lag and fix the lag. It will overcome all problems like overheating, lags, hanging problems, choppy performance, enhancing the problems, and more. This file is made for both 32bit and 64bits devices and works properly.

If your device is 32bit then you can get more features such as it will solve overheating problems, lag-free, increasing performance, boosting processor power, and more. And if your device is 64bit then also it will provide you same types of features but due to 64bit, your device may perform better than a 32bit device.

So this config file will make you feel like a pro and will provide you a get experience, so make sure to download this config file and use it before restarting the game. Below I had provided the download link so just wait and download the Config file. 

Features of Bgmi 2.7 Lag Fix Config File

Here are some features of Bgmi 2.7 lag-fixing Config file for Bgmi and Pubg

  • No Lag
  • No Over Heating
  • 60 Fps Ratio
  • Fix Lag
  • Smooth to use

Why Config file is used to solve Lag?

As we all know that in low-end device there is lots of lags and heating problem which causes lag while playing games now to overcome this problem I have brought this config file which will solve all these lag problems and the overheating problem can also be overcome to normal. If you use this config file then it will boost the device performance and also boost the processor to run faster. It will fix 90% of the lag that can be cured with this config file. 

• Your Pubg Mobile / BGMI game will run great

• Lag will end completely

• Your phone heat will be very low

• ID will not be banned

• This config will work on all phones

• Supports both PUBG Mobile and BGMI

• Will be Fully Optimized

There Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

• First of all keep your internet speed fast

• You have to keep the internal storage free

• Keep your phone’s background apps off

Important Tools

Friends, before using this Config file, you will need some tool because with its help you will be able to paste the config file correctly, then first you need to download Z-archiver and you will get it on the play store.

PUBG Mobile / BGMI 2.7 Lag Fix Config file Free Download (Latest Updated file)

Friends, now let’s talk about how to use Pubg Mobile 2.7 Latest Update Lag Fix Config, so for this, I will tell you all the steps below, that’s why whatever step you are told, read and follow it carefully so that you can use this config properly.

1) Download Config and Z-archiver

Friends, first of all, download the config file given below, after that you download and install the Z-archiver application from the play store.

2) Extract Zip Config File

After this, where you have downloaded the file, go there with the help of the Z-archiver application and extract the Zip file.

3) Copy Your Config File

So as soon as you extract the zip file, you will see 3 files in front of you, then you have to open the.FPS unlocker file folder, after that you will see 3 files, then you can select a file according to you, if you want, then 60 FPS file only. If used, you copy the 60 FPS file Config.

4) Paste Config File This Location

After this, as soon as you copy the file, after that, you have to paste it into this location which you see below Android, + data, + com.tencent.ig, + files, + UE4Game, + ShadowTrackerExtra, + ShadowTrackerExtra, + Saved , + SaveGames Here you paste it, if the pop message comes, then tick the Replace option and click on the replace option. Your work is done.

5) Copy Highly Optimized Resolution and Paste

After this, you have to copy the 2nd file, copy the resolution file as much as you want, and after that paste it into this location.

BGMI Create clan + Join clan +leave clan

Android > data > com.tencent.ig > files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > Config > Android

After this, you have to paste it into this last location, after that your work is done here.

You are Done!

Now your work is done here i.e. when you play the game, you will get Lag-free i.e. now your phone will not lag, so you can fix your Pubg Mobile lag by using this way that too in the latest update that is bgmi 2.7.

Download Now

Download 90 Fps Config File


Guys, in the last few words I will tell you that if you like the config files then comment below and be with this site to get more hacks for free.

I really hope you loved looking over this article that will PUBG 2.7 or BGMI 2.7 Lag Fix Config File download (New Update). In case you liked this, then definitely discuss it together with your buddies.

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