How to get free diamonds for unlocking emotes in Garena Free Fire MAX before OB35 update - 2022

How to get free diamonds for unlocking emotes in Garena Free Fire MAX before OB35 update

Free Fire Max Free Diamond for Ob35

Free Fire Max Free Diamond for Ob35

The in-game money in Garena Free Fire MAX, a well-known action-packed mobile shooter, is called a diamond. Users can purchase a variety of fun products, such as emotes and different skins, using this premium money.

Due to its premium nature, it can only be loaded to the FF ID using actual money. However, there are a few ways for players who don't pay money to get diamonds for free.

Every significant update results in further changes to the game's content. The OB35 update will soon include a number of new cosmetic changes. At the moment, the store and other events offer better emote options. Before they disappear following the upgrade, interested gamers should unlock these emotes as soon as they can. They can keep reading if they're looking for free gems.

Free Fire OB35 update is going to launch on 25th August, 2022

There are four effective ways to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

1) Advance Server

Users can preview planned changes to the content of the original game and the MAX variation by using the Free Fire Advance Server, a testing client. The program is often released by the developers a few weeks before each OB update on a temporary server known as the Advance Server.

This client version's main purpose is to test for problems and kinks in recently added functionality, according to Garena. Many Advance Server players work on this project, and in exchange for reporting any problems, they receive thousands of diamonds.

The OB35 update Advance Server is currently operational. Candidates who are interested may still sign up for it.

2) Booyah! App

The Booyah! app is a streaming service that was previously controlled and owned by Garena. On it, many buddy gamers demonstrate their gaming prowess and grow their fan base. Using this software, viewers, and streamers can both collect diamonds.

For the former, there is a programme called the Streamer Partner Program where they can receive payment for their labour in the form of Free Fire MAX diamonds or actual money, whilst the audience has access to several opportunities for winning diamonds.

Diamonds are awarded to viewers who watch streams, complete watch-to-win challenges, take part in clip competitions, and more. Additionally, players can get a tonne of expensive and rare collectibles for nothing by taking part in straightforward events.

They must, however, spend a considerable amount of time on the platform.

3) Google opinion

With the help of real evaluations and opinions on various issues, users can obtain Google Play credits through the Google programme known as Google Opinion Rewards.

These credits can be used to buy exclusive airdrops and top-up diamonds from the in-game top-up shop. This technique is one of the tried-and-true ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

Candidates only need to download the aforementioned software from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, install it on their devices, and log in to access the dashboard. They should then start completing quick surveys to gain credits.

Players should be aware that not all surveys pay them, and only a small number of surveys are made available to particular players. To enhance the likelihood of receiving additional surveys, they must be active.

4) GPT apps and websites

Get-Paid-To (GPT) apps and websites provide users with a variety of surveys and mini-tasks, similar to Google Opinion Rewards. After finishing, they receive real money or another form of payment.

Free Fire diamonds are a payout option on certain of these platforms. Some sites where people can spend their time to get free diamonds for Free Fire MAX include Poll Pay, Easy Rewards, Swagbucks, and Ysense.

They should keep in mind that there are a lot of phoney websites and apps on the market that boast about offering the benefits they promise but never do. Players should therefore only trust these platforms after conducting in-depth research.


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