Free Fire/Free Fire Max lag fix config file For 2gb/3gb/4gb ram Download Mediafire Link- 2022

Free Fire/Free Fire Max lag fix config file For 2gb/3gb/4gb ram Download Mediafire Link- 2022,

Free Fire / Free Fire Max Lag Fix Config File Download 2gb ram /3gb ram / 4gb ram and more

Free Fire/Free Fire Max lag fix config file

Free Fire Max Game has come to be popular in the time, everyone prefers to play this kind of game because that is an activity which has to struggle with an authentic person, so sometimes this kind of game lags throughout our phone. In the event you do, currently, I will let you know that Free Fire Portable or Free Fire Max Separation Fix Config Obtain free will as well give a config file to correct lag in typically the new update consequently that you can easily play Lag Absolutely free Free Fire Max.

In this article I am going to share you a best of free fire lag fix config file which is fully updated and working properly. This config file is tested in Samsung J2 and working properly, It will make your device lag free, solve overheating problem, Make your game smooth, Enhance gaming performance and will make you feel like a pro player.

Also: The best Config file for Free Fire Max has no recoil

I am going share you a best config file, Here we are not going to use GFX Tool, and after using this config file, your device will also not get hot. And you can play the game for a long time. Friends, if you want to do Free Fire or Free Fire Max Lag Fix Config for 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB, then this config is really going to help you a lot when you use the config, your graphics will be a bit low.

What is Free Fire Max Lag?

Friends, first of all, let me tell you about what is lag in free fire, As you know while playing free fire you may seen some frame drops which make you feel disappoint and your game get stuck in middle of a game again and again. If you are a low-end device player then you may know it that what is Lag, rendring.

And the Second reason for that you have currently installed so many app and data in your phone or your device is full of storage which may also lead to lag the device.

The last reason is that there are lots of update brought by free fire official which may also lead to increase lag of device and will make your device overheat and due to overheat your device may get lag and increases hanging of screen.

Zero updates came throughout Free Fire and Free Fire Max, in that case, there is some sort of lot in that. If it was included with BUGS and separation, then I am going to let you know how to obtain the Free Fire Max Separation Fix Config Data file and employ that, after that the lag will possibly be fixed.

Friends, at this time many persons use GFX Tool, it helps your performance somewhat but keeps the phone damaged, that is definitely, your phone begins heating up together with the battery is going to run out, shall we know now which How do we correct lag?

Features of Free Fire Lag Fix Config File

Here are some special features of the Free Fire Max lag free Config file

  • No Lag
  • No Over Heating
  • 60 Fps Ratio
  • Fix Lag
  • Smooth to use

Why Config file is used used to solve Lag?

So guys to Overcome this Lag problem I have brought a new config file which will make your game lag free and will also solve 80% of overheating problem. This config file will enhance your performance to next level and will make your game more smooth as compare to before the config file. 

So by applying this config file your device get more constantly stable and makes you gaming experience more smoother and professional. It will solve your 90% of problem like Overheating problem will be fix, Lag will be fix, Makes your screen more smoother to get perfect touch seni, Enhance the gaming Performance.

  • Free Fire / Free Fire Max Run Smooth
  • Lag Free
  • Overheating problem solve
  • I'd will not get ban
  • Works in all device
  • Support all version of free fire and max
  • Fully updated file

There Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

• First of all keep your internet speed fast

• You have to keep the internal storage free

• Keep your phone’s background apps off

Important Tools

Friends, before using this Config file, you will need some tool because with its help you will be able to paste the config file properly, then first you need to download Z-archiver and you will get it on the play store.

Free Fire Max/Free Fire Lag Fix Config file Free Download (Latest Updated file)

Friends, now let’s talk about how to use Free Fire Max Latest Update Lag Fix Config, so for this, I will tell you all the steps below, that’s why whatever step you are told, read and follow it carefully so that you can use this config properly.

1) Download Config and Z-archiver

Friends, first of all, download the config file given below, after that you download and install the Z-archiver application from the play store.

2) Extract Zip Config File

After this, where you have downloaded the file, go there with the help of the Z-archiver application and extract the Zip file.

3) Copy Your Config File

So as soon as you extract the zip file, you will see 3 files in front of you, then you have to open the.FPS unlocker file folder, after that you will see 3 files, then you can select a file according to you, if you want, then 60 FPS file only. If used, you copy the 60 FPS file Config.

4) Paste Config File This Location

After this, as soon as you copy the file, after that, you have to paste it into this location which you see below Android, + data, +, + files, + UE4Game, + ShadowTrackerExtra, + ShadowTrackerExtra, + Saved , + SaveGames Here you paste it, if the pop message comes, then tick the Replace option and click on the replace option. Your work is done.

5) Copy Highly Optimized Resolution and Paste

After this you have to copy the 2nd file, copy the resolution file as much as you want, after that paste it in this location.

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Android > data > com.freefireth.ig > files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > Config > Android

After this, you have to paste it into this last location, after that your work is done here.

You are Done!

Now your work is done here i.e. when you play the game, you will get Lag free i.e. now your phone will not lag, so you can fix your Free Fire Max lag by using this way that too in the latest update.

Download Now

Download 90 Fps Config File


Guys, now I would like to tell you that if you are using this file for long time then your I'd may get ban because Bgmi and pubg always spectate on your game and can get Ban your id Permanantly. So make sure to use always a updated file and use it before a update comes in game a minor update can also lead to ban your I'd so make sure that if any Minor or large update may occurs then you need to Update the file as soon as possible.

Guys, In this article I have provided you a best free fire and free fire max lag fix config file which is fully tested and working properly and if you like this article then comment below and if you have any query then also comment in below section.

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