BGMI 2.2 Mod APK + OBB No Ban download for Free (Unlimited Uc), July 2022

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Bgmi Mod Apk

BGMI MOD APK 2.2 is a Multiplayer royale game where Many players utilize an approach to fight and also become the last individual on the field of battle. A totally free multiplayer experience in Bgmi 2.2 (BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA) hacks Mod Apk. Players can deal with it in various video game settings, either group or individually.

BGMI Mod APK and OBB for 2.2  download

Bgmi 2.2 Mod Apk Info

Bgmi Mod APK 2.2 enables you to add even more features to different maps and landscapes in an online environment. You may also use Unreal Engine 4's full capability to bring the magnificent environment to life, using 3D audio effects to create a really immersive mobile experience. Choose your card and your design style. Prepare for a nice journey by making it suited for you.

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Bgmi 2.2  Hack (ESP+Aim Hacks)

DOWNLOAD BGMI MOD APK 2022: With the help of the BGMI 2.2 MOD APK download link, you can download and play the whole variety of Battlegrounds India. Please read our entire article to learn how you may get Hacked, Unlimited UC Cards on Android & iOS Devices, as well as Aimbot Wallhack ESP N Glasses Support, which will keep your gameplay secure at all times.


Bgmi 'Balltegrounds Mobile India,' and it is created by Krafton, a Korean company. BGMI was first released in India as a multiplayer battle royale game.

BGMI Mod APK for 2.2 is a modified version of the original game that you can download and install if you want to play with extra features like other map locations or another character to choose from as you begin your trip.

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Bgmi 2.2 Mod Apk Short Info

Game Name BGMI
Game Version 2.2 
Bgmi 2.2 Apk Size 1.07GB
Bgmi Mod Apk Size 1.5 GB
Rating 4.4 Stars
Offical Website Bgmi Offical
Playstore Bgmi 2.2

What is BGMI Mod APK + OBB

PUBG Mobile 2.2 can be played using BGMI Mod APK + OBB for 2.2. The PUG Mobile app is a popular game in India, however it has been made illegal owing to an issue with data theft.

The Chinese government might be behind this, and as a result, Indian residents would no longer be able to use their favourite mobile games, such as PUBG or Tik Tok, which have Tencent Corporation tie-ups. That is why Krafton released BGMI 2.2, a PUBG 2.2 Mobile Alternative in India, where I have shared Bgmi Mod apk for 2.2 version.

BGMI is a game that the Indian video gaming community has embraced. It's quite popular among young people, and BGMI will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy Battlegrounds India as you've never experienced it before. So, to make it more enjoyable, we created the Bgmi Mod apk 2.2 version, which is compatible with all versions of Pubg, Kr, VL, GB, and others.

PUBG Game fans went mad a few months ago when they heard of a new combat royale-style smartphone game dubbed BGMI "Battlegrounds in India." 2.2 Apk Mod Even though there was a lot of talk about it at first, especially among teenagers, you can still play it for free today without spending any money or downloading and installing anything extra onto your phone. 

The best graphics and 3D sound technique in BGMI Mod Apk 2.2 will get you addicted to it. When running the game with your computer's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10xx collection card in 32bit and 64 bit OS configuration, you may play BGMI on a laptop computer or PC using an emulator and get an immersive experience of the game's best-ever visuals by using RTX.

Features of BGMI MOD APK

  • No Recoil
  • Less Shake
  • Less Smoke
  • Remove grass
  • Remove fog
  • Remove rain
  • TDM + CLASSIC Working
  • Anti cheats remove (don’t use anything external)
  • New Anticheats Bypass
  • TDM Crash Fix

Bgmi 2.2 Mod Apk has been one of the most popular mobile games among players for a long time, and it is finally set to take off in the real world. This game may now be controlled and enjoyed by individuals from all across India. Yes, after a lengthy absence, this game has returned to India. An new version for Bgmi Mod Apk has been supplied, and you will receive a more effective file to obtain more excellent Hacks.

The benefit of BGMI 2.2  Mod apk download

Because this BGMI MOD APK for 2.2 download incorporates wallhack performance, you will undoubtedly have a great lot of fun with this choice. This level of quality will never enable you to enter the most recent version of BGMI 2.2 hack MOD APK. Do you have any idea why?

The term "wallhack" refers to appearing around the edge of a wall or recognising what is on the other side of a boundary. You can quickly eliminate foes hiding in any place with the use of this ability. If your opponent is hiding behind a wall and still intending to remove you, you may use the wall surface hacking feature to see him, even if I am firing, and then eliminate him in Bgmi Mod apk 2.2.

Is this Bgmi Mod Apk Working or Not?

Yes, this bgmi mod apk is totally working and updated to provide you with a better gaming experience. This bgmi mod apk will improve your accuracy to the next level, allowing you to kill any adversary with ease. With the Esp provided in this file, you may detect any opponent from any location.

Will Bgmi Mod Apk Ban Your I'd?

NO, the file has been fully updated and tested on a Redmi 5 device and found to be Working. This bgmi mod apk will boost your gaming accuracy to 100%. You will find that this file make no grass, no recoil, no shaking, no smoke, no rain, no fog, anti-reset, and it works on both 32bit and 64bit devices.

Bgmi Mod Apk safe or not!

NO, the file has been latest updated and tested on a Redmi 5 device and found to be workjing properly. This bgmi mod apk will boost your aming and gaming accuracy by 100%. You will notice in this file that there is no grass, no recoil, no shaking, no smoke, no rain, no fog, anti-reset, and it works on both 32bit and 64bit devices.

Bgmi Mod Apk fully Updated Version

So guys, here is a brand new fully updated Bgmi Mod Apk file that you can use for free. This file was created for all low end devices and may be used on both 32bit and 64bit devices. It is a form of hack that includes features like as no recoil, no grass, white body, no smoke, bullet tracking, ESP, and more.

If you enjoy these sorts of hacks and files, then this website is for you. You can get this Bgmi Mod Apk file by clicking on the Click to Download button on the top of the page.

BGMI 2.2 MOD APK and OBB Download links

Exactly How To Hack BGMI Without Ban: Download Follow the listed below Steps To Download BGMI hack variation without obtaining Ban.

BGMI 2.1 MOD APK and OBB Download links

Note: To Download BGMI 2.2 ESP MOD APK, you require telegram applications. We have actually straight Shared BGMI hack APK and also OBB downloads web links on telegram to ensure that you can download/update anytime without downloading and install stop working.

How to Download & Install BGMI 2.2 MOD APK 2022?

You can download the BGMI 2.2 Hack MOD APK + OBB File by following the below steps. We have written simple Step by step solutions that you can follow easily.

  • First of all, uninstall the BGMI Playstore APK version if already installed. (Important)
  • Now, Download the below APK and OBB files provided.
  •  Ensure you have enabled unknown sources. If not, then Open Settings >More/additional setting > Security & Enable Unknown Sources.
  • After you’ve completed the download, install the APK file (do not open the Game and successfully install, Now Close the Game)
  • Then Move the OBB file you have downloaded to Andriod > Obb. Now create com.pubg.imobile in that folder. Paste the Obb files into your OBB folder.
  • Now Open the Game and Signup or Sign in with your Google or Facebook accounts.

Battelground Mobile India MOD APK Hack Functions

There are several features that you will find in the Battleground Mobile Indian Bgmi UC hack MOD APK download, and if you are looking for Arena Mobile India crack version download or BGMI(Battleground Mobile Indian) Mod hack APK document download, you must select only that type of mod that has an anti-ban feature and contains all of the following characteristics. The following are some of them: -

Invisible Wall Or even Wall Hack

If you followed the YouTube channels of the YouTubers who were present during the iconic fight this summer, you must have seen what an invisible wall or wallhack is. Even if you don't follow Carryminati or Tanmay Bhatt, you'd know what wallhack is.

This is a frequent feature that is used by many imod users owing to the fact that it is one of the most amazing hackers available for playing BGMI Mod Apk. By utilising this game crack, you can truly see your opponents, kill them, or blast bullets through the wall. It's one of the most amazing hackers I've ever come across, and it'll help you enhance your game.

Aimbot For Auto Goal
If you have a shaky hand or tremors, this is one of the characteristics you'll want to employ. Although BGMI does not support limitless primary points or anything like, you will need this hack to overcome that flaw. This function, as well as any heavy machinery, may be operated without the need of a GFX tool.

All you need is a calm mind and the application to which I've supplied a link. This hack would not only add to your ammo stockpile, but it would also shoot your opponents for you. This means you won't have to worry about getting the right shot when photographing your head.

Perhaps you've fantasised about what it would be like to play this game without having any reservations about those who have the royal pass? If you had this thinking, you would be startled since you would no longer be able to feel little because of the people having royal passes.

With this Bgmi Mod APK, you will be able to change the skins of your firearms, backpacks, parachutes, clothing, shoes, and other items without having to pay a single money. It would be fantastic to experiment with the personality you've always desired.

No Recoil

If you've ever played this game, you know how wonderful it is to kill an adversary without having to deal with the recoil of your shot headshot or anything similar. Almost every gun has a significant recoil that disturbs firing because it interferes with your aim and causes your hand to tremble, putting you in the enemy's hands, whether in a close combat situation. This APK, on the other hand, features a no-recoil function, as its name suggests.

Bgmi Mod Apk detail

Guys this Bgmi Mod Apk file is fully updated and is Working Properly. It make Your game easy and lag free. You can kill any enemy easily by Auto headshot feature in this file.

BGMI 2.2  APK Download Links

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Bgmi Mod Apk Update

Note: Some individuals are dealing with mistakes on the telegram Link. This is since you require to have telegram download Links; or else, you can straight download and install (we are maintaining upgraded download documents as well as Games on telegram, So, we suggest downloading and installing from telegram Only).

Download BGMI 2.2 Mod Apk


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Download BGMI OBB File

BGMI MOD APK all Hacks

BGMI Wall hacker function

The wallhack function is supported in the BGMI hack version. You can take pleasure in it. However, if you do not use it several times, you will be locked out. Play some games, but don't try to break them so that other people can enjoy them as well. Simply utilise the wallhack feature.

BGMI Unlimited UC

Yes, you may win an infinite amount of BGMI UC (BGMI mod APK unlimited money) and spend it to buy all of the stuff in Battlegrounds Mobile India (Bgmi)Mod 2.2. You may use these Uc to buy various products in Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk since it has a range of fantastic disguises.

BGMI Unlimited PP

BP is a currency in BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA that you are familiar with. You can effortlessly open various crates. However, in BGMI, you may occasionally receive unexpected rewards.

BGMI Aimbot

Aimbot is a video game feature that allows you to automatically fire down your target enemy's head or body. This will automatically identify adversaries and kill them. Aimbot, on the other hand, did not shoot the enemy over the wall and into the building so that it might be employed in order to avoid being observed or reported.

Aimbot can only be used with firearms, not grenades or other weapons. Players must utilise ammo judiciously so that they lose less ammunition and weapons when the adversary dies and are not reported.

Some Other Effects of BGMI MOD APK

  1. No grass
  2. No Recoil
  3. Unlimited Ammo
  4. Unlock All Skins
  5. Metal Head
  6. No Root REquired
  7. Anto-Ban

How to Fix BGMI 2.2 Mod apk Login Problem

If you face BGMI 2.2 login issues while signing in to your account, here are the Steps by Steps tutorial on How to fix BGMI Login issues.

  • Login with your Facebook account Only. IF you have a Google Play account or Twitter account, link it with your Facebook account.
  • Uninstall Facebook apps from your Android Phone
  • Login in Only with your Mobile data. Don’t use WIFI For Login.
  • First, Open BGMI Mod APK. After THE BGMI logo appears, turn off your Mobile data (internet).
  • Now the Facebook Login Popup will appear. Turn On your Internet and try to Login using your Facebook account.
  • Now, you can successfully log in to your accounts.

You are getting errors while Installing the BGMI 2.2 Mod APK file.

If you face any issues with Installing/Opening BGMI 2.2 Mod APK version or Error sign in to google accounts/ Facebook accounts, watch the below videos to Solve your problem.

How to downlad Bgmi mod apk tutorial in video

Bgmi 2.2 MOD APK Features

  • No Recoil
  • No Grass
  • No Fog
  • Less Smoke
  • No Water
  • 90 Fps
  • Enemy Box
  • Enemy Line
  • Enemy Skeleton
  • Enemy Name
  • Enemies Health
  • Enemy Count
  • Enemies Distance
  • Vehicles
  • Items

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This is how you can install BGMI Mod Apk on your device and use it completely for free with unlimited benefits for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install BGMI MOD APK 2.2?

1. Download the file Battleground Mobile India Mod APK and OBB file.

2. Install the  BGMI Mod APK files.

3. Move OBB file to Android > OBB Folder > Paste it on com.pubg.imobile folder (if not available create one).

4. Now Open and Sign-in with your Google account.

Difference between BGMI 2.2 Mod and PUBG 2.2 mod Apk

You won't notice any changes in the game, but you will notice various things in pubg and bgmi, such as changing seasons. The first season of BGMI begins in season 1, however the last season will be released in season 18. In India, the BGMI is still being developed. This is particularly true in India, but not everywhere.

Does BGMI breach data?

Next to us, we may read numerous entries from a variety of other news sites. We didn't find much proof of data breaches. They stated that they did not exchange any information with China, which is correct.

Key: dmo2UJKta5rTEAW8

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