Bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file 100% Working for 32bit and 64bit

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Bgmi Magic Bullet Tracking Config File

Bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file 100% Working for 32bit and 64bit, bgmi magic bullet auto headshot config file for bgmi 2.2.

Bgmi 2.1 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file

Bgmi 2.2 Magic Bullet Config File

Hii Guys, how are you? i hope you all are fine and enjoing playing games. So to make your gaming experience more interesting in this article i am going to share you a new file bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet config file and many players are searching on google 100% bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet traking auto headshot config file but no one has found any such file which works perfectly Yes friends, I would like to tell you guys.

So far no such coding has been done which works properly, on Google and YouTube, you will find many such videos and posts on Google that claim you that it works 100% but friends, no such file has come yet. Everyone is giving you fake files.

Friends, let us tell people that 80% of the config file is fake on YouTube and Google and it is true that the remaining 20% ??of the file works, but using too much can lead to your account being banned, so before using any config file that file Either use it as a fake id or do not use that file.

Bgmi 2.2 Magic Bullet Tracking auto headshot config File Features

So, below are features of Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file for bgmi and pubg 2.2.

  • powerful Moddata
  • Magic Bullet 100%
  • Auto Headshot 100%
  • High Damage 80%
  • Anti Reset Assist
  • Aim Tracking Head
  • Kill Classic BulletTracking 
  • 100% safe for Main Id

Bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file 100%

Guys, I am going to give you working Bgmi and Pubg 2.2 magic bullet config file work in both 32bit and 64bit device, in which you will be 100% account safe and you will also get to see high damage headshot if you are our old viewer, then we had given you bgmi 2.1 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot file even before that started. Initially the response was very good, but after 4 or 5 days if a user's account was banned, we deleted that post, so we did it again.

Here I have brought a new updated config file 100% working Bgmi 2.2 magic bullet tracking auto headshot high damage config file (UPDATE) for 2.2 which will work in every device without any restrictions and lag. her in this post you will find fully updated Bgmi 2.2 magic bullet config file.

About Update in Files

Here, in this article you will find always a newly updated file and will working file. Due to some reason I was feld to be present on my site so sorry for the late. And from Now you will get always a newly updated and best of best Bgmi Config File and Also will try to recovery my all post to a unique as soon as Possible. Here, Now I has Updated this Bgmi 2.2 Magic Bullet Config file to latest version and added all new features. Now you can enjoy using this config file in game to make it more enjoiable.

This file I had made is fully updated and working fully and smoothly. If you download this config file then you can easily download this file.

How to Download and Install Bgmi Magic Bullet Tracking Config File

Following are steps to be follow to download and install Bgmi magic bullet config file for 2.2 version.

  • First you need to go down and click on link given below to download the config file.
  • After downloading the given file just extract the file by given passwords.
  • Now yo can copy the 'file' folder given in this config file.
  • Now follow the steps, Android > Data > com.pubg.imobile > file, now paste here the file folder and it is done.
  • Now just restart the game and enjoy the config file or hack.
  • So, it is easy to extract the file and paste the file.

Files of Bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot

Friends, in this config file you will find following files.

  1. Magic Bullet
  2. High Damage
  3. Auto Headset
  4. Fast Moment
  5. Less Recoil
  6. Aimbot

You will get to see the best features in this Bgmi 2.2 Magic bullet tracking config file, friends or features work only when you apply this file well in your device, friends, any file you put, it works when your Aim is good, so you should always practice must keep doing

Bgmi 2.2 Magic Bullet tracking auto headshot config file 

Download Now

Download Link

Friends, you can download this file from the link given above, after downloading the Bgmi 2.1 magic bullet tracking config file, in that file you have to copy the file name folder, then you have to go to android/data/com.pubg. I have to paste it in the imobile folder, after that open the game, this was the apply process, this file will work in both 64bit and 32bit


Guys, if you like this article then comment below and this Bgmi 2.2 magic bullet config file will make your gaming experience more better and working properly.
If you hav any queries then comment below to know it.

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