Minecraft, But Dirt Falls Op Items Datapack

Minecraft, But Dirt Falls Op Items Datapack

Minecraft, But Dirt Falls Op Items Datapack 1. 18. 20.21


This particular Add-On allows you to get OPERATIVE items each time you break a dirt or lawn block. The decreased items are arbitrary. It really fully depends upon your luck but all the loot is very overpowered. Wish you enjoy it!

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Minecraftbreak But Dirt Falls OP Loot Information Pack 1. eighteen. 1, 1. seventeebreakreaks all balances in Minecraft! This data group completely changes the way you play the game by causing dirt the most effective block. Generally, nobody cares about dirt as possible get it everywhere. Nevertheless, that will no longer become the situation because every dust block can fall a bunch of rare items for you!


In case you're using Minecraft Windows 10, just click on the downloaded mcpack but it will surely import into your Minecraft. For Minecraft PE, download ZArchiver on the research engines PlaysMojang Shop or ZipArchiver on Apple App Shop. Extract the scoot file and insert the extracted file at games ->  com. mojang ->  behavior_packs.


Globe settings ->  Behavior Pack ->  Activate "Dirt Drop OP Items"


It's for Minecraft Windows ten, Minecraft Pocket Version, Xbox One, and so on. Basically, it's for every single device-packed sixty-four bedrock edition.

Obtainable OP items:

- elytra (min: one, max: 1)

- fireworks (min: sixty-four, sixty-four, max: 128)

- arrows (min: sixty-four, max: 128)

- TNTs (min: sixty-four, max: 128)

- golden apples (min: 16, max: 32)

- enchanted fantastic apples (min: eight, max: 16)

- totem of immortal (min: 2, maximum: 4)

- obsidians (min: 32, maximum: 64)

- anvils (min: 32, maximum: 64)

- experience bottles (min: sixty-four, max: 128)

- netherite sword (random maximum enchants)

- netherite pickaxe (random maximum enchants)

- netherite axe (random maximum enchants)

- netherite shovel (random maximum enchants)

- netherite hoe (random maximum enchants)

- netherite helmet (random maximum enchants)

- netherite chest plate (random maximum enchants)

- netherite leggings (random maximum enchants)

- netherite boots (random maximum enchants)

- bow (random maximum enchants)

- mix bow (random maximum enchants)

- trident (random maximum enchants)

- potions (random potions)

- dash potions (random dash potions)


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