Bgmi/Pubg 2.7 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file 100% working (32bit and 64bit) - 2023

Bgmi/Pubg 2.7 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file 100% working (32bit and 64bit) - 2023

Pubg and Bgmi 2.7 Magic Bullet Config file

How are you doing, friends? I hope you're well and having fun playing games. Today in this post, I'll tell you about the latest Best bgmi 2.7 update, as well as the fact that many people are looking for a 100 percent functioning Pubg and bgmi Magic bullet traking auto headshot config file on Google, but no one has discovered one yet. Yes, friends, I'd want to inform you.

Bgmi/Pubg 2.7 Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file

So far, no such code has been done that works correctly. You may find many such movies and postings on Google and YouTube that say that it works 100 percent, but friends, no such file has arrived yet. Everyone is providing you non-working false files.

Friends, let us inform people that 80% of the config file on YouTube and Google is fake, and while the remaining 20% of the file works, it is only provided by small youtube and blogger accounts, and using too much can result in your account being permanently banned, so always test any config file in a fake id first.

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Pubg Magic bullet tracking to auto headshot config file 100%

Friends, In this article, I'll show you how to make BGMI and Pubg 2.7 work in both 32bit and 64bit devices, ensuring that your Pubg account is safe and that you can see high damage headshots. If you're an old viewer, you may recall that we gave you the Pubg Magic bullet tracking auto headshot file even before that started. The response was initially positive, but if a user's account was banned after 4 or 5 days, we erased that post, so we did it again.

Here is the most recent updated config file for Pubg 2.7 and Bgmi 2.7 that is 100 percent functioning bullet tracking auto headshot high damage config file (UPDATE) and will operate on any device without latency.

Features of Pubg 2.7 Magic Bullet Tracking config File

So, below are features of Magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file for Bgmi and Pubg 2.7 
  1. Magic Bullet tracking100% working
  2. Powerful updated Mod data used
  3. Auto Headshot 100% accuracy
  4. High Damage 80% Increase
  5. Anti Reset Assist file updated
  6. Aim Tracking Head
  7. Kill Classic BulletTracking to only headshot
  8. 100% safe for Main Id

Config file for Pubg / Bgmi 2.7 Magic Bullet

So, if you've arrived here, you're looking for the finest Bgmi magic bullet config file for 2.7 that also works with Pubg. The auto headshot config file improves your accuracy to 100 percent. This config file has been entirely updated and is utilised in the Redmi 5. It has also been tested, and it is operating well with an improvement of 80% accuracy. This config file is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit devices and is fully functional.

Pubg Magic bullet tracking auto headshot files

So guys, in this config file you will find the following files.

  1. Magic Bullet
  2. High Damage
  3. Auto Headset
  4. Fast Moment
  5. Less Recoil
  6. Aimbot
This Bgmi and Pubg 2.7 bullet tracking config file will show you the best features; however, these features will only work if you apply this file to your device. Any file you put in will function if your aim is excellent, thus you should constantly practise and keep practising to have the best Headshot sensi.

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How to get the Bgmi and Pubg 2.7 Magic Bullet config file and install it

Following are the step needed to follow while Downloading and Installing this Config File.
  • First Download the config file given below
  • After that You need to Extract it in your Device.
  • Then Open file and Copy the file name as "File" in given Zip file.
  • Then Paste it in Following process android/data/com.pubg.imobile.
  • And then Paste it over there only.
Now you can restart your game. 

Bgmi and Pubg Magic Bullet tracking auto headshot config file download link

Friends, you may get this file from the URL below. After downloading the config file, copy the file name folder from that file, and then go to android/data/com.pubg. This was the application process; I had to paste it in the imobile folder and then start the game; this was the procedure; this file will work in both 64bit and 32bit systems.

Download Now

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So, if you like this post and the Bgmi and Pubg Magic Bullet tracking auto headshot config file for 2.7, please leave a comment below, as well as if it does not function. Visit this site for more Mod.

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