Pubg New State No Recoil, No grass, White Body config File for Download 32bit and 64bit

Pubg New State No Recoil, No grass, White Body config File for Download 32bit and 64bit,

Pubg New State No Recoil

So as we all know that a new update has come from PUBG in which PUBG has stated that now you can also play PUBG NEW STATE i.e. a new version has available for you.

Pubg New State config file

The game has received over 6 million+ downloads on the Play Store so far in short time. If you haven't downloaded PUBG NEW STATE yet, you can go to the Play Store and download it now. But if that game is not available on Play Store, then you can download PUBG New State Apk.

Pubg New State No recoil config file

If I talk about this game, this game was launched on the 11th February 2021 and the response is very good because this game is specially designed for low-end devices.

If you guys are a daily visitor of my website, then you must know that I provide article related to games, their hacks and updates and more, on my website in which I will tell you about hack of random games and cheat codes etc.

So today I will tell you about No recoil, No grass, White Body file for PUBG new state, how to download it. And how to use it after the download. If you play PUBG Global, then you will download No Recoil file for PUBG.

No ban of any kind will be impact on your account after using this file which is to be given to you from my site. That means you can use this file on your ID without any worries and enjoy freely.

How to Apply Config file for Pubg New State

  • Extract Downloaded file
  • Copy File
  • Go to Internal Storage
  • Open Android Folder
  • Go to data folder
  • Open com.pubg.newstate
  • open files folder
  • Go to DLC
  • Open Baltic_MainInstalled 
  • Paste your copied file

Download Config Below👇

Pubg New State No Recoil Config file downloading process

Here is the best and latest no recoil config file for PUBG New State and work in both normal and update. If you do not understand any of the steps mentioned above, I will try to explain to you in a little more detail here. If you're interested in hacks, must try No Grass Hack for BGMI.

  • First you have to download the given below file. Once downloaded, each file is always inside the download folder in your mobile's internal storage. 
  • When the file is downloaded, it will be in zip format. First you have to download the application named Z Archiver from Play Store or any how, then you have to extract this file in Z Archiver application. This file does not have any password, so it will be easily extracted.
  • As soon as you open the extracted folder, you will find a file inside it. You have to copy this file. After copying, just like we used to paste the file, we have to go to Android>data folder>com.pubg.newstate folder.
  • Inside the com.pubg.newstate>file folder you have to open it. Inside this folder will be a new folder named DLD. You also have to open it. After opening, there will be another folder inside this folder which is called Baltic_MainInstalled. You also have to open it. Inside this you have to paste your copied file.
  • You will also get the option to replace when pasting the file. You have to select the option to apply to all and replace it. Now your No Recoil File for PUBG NEW STATE Has been activated.

Password: ralearn

also: Pubg 1.8 white Body

More attention has been paid to the graphics inside the PUBG NEW STATE to work properly and smoothly, so if you use this file your game will not feel any kind of issus and will run perfectly smoothly.

If you are a BGMI player, and you are also using a file but using the file is making your game lag, then you can use 90 fps Config for BGMI. Using it will make your game very smooth.

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Pubg New State 0.9 No Grass Config File

Here is a Pubg New State 0.9 No grass config file and a pak file is easy to use. There is no grass in this file which help you to find opponents easily and the main thing is that if you prune yourself the opponent cannot see you because no grass will work just for you and them at the moment There is also grass map

Pubg New State 0.9 White Body file

This white body config File help you to spot pubg Enemy Easily and Also help to increase ability. You can download this pubg new state 0.9 white body Config file and our pass pubg white body Config file download is the latest version you can check and you can download pubg mobile New State APK very easily for free. Pubg New State India - GLOBAL white body Config File Download Full Antiban 32 bit and 64 bit both bit versions supported as device. 

Download Pubg New State No recoil, No grass, White Body Config File

Download Now

Download Bgmi config file

Is Pubg New State File it Anti-Ban?

Whenever we try to hack a game or crack a folder in that game, it all comes down to the violation of the game. That's why many games ban players' accounts. But using the file I will give you on my website will not cause any ban on your account. But I have explained in one of my articles How to unban any PUBG Account. Using this method you can unban any of your accounts as this method works legally.

What is Pubg new state no recoil config file?

Pubg new State no recoil config file help you to make you recoil Zero no any firing or ADS movement will see over there. You can easily kill enemy with far aways, with any gun.

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