BGMI M11 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks: Release Date, Royal Pass Rewards from 01 to 50

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks: Release Date, Royal Pass Rewards from 01 to 50, bgmi m11 royal pass rewards, bgmi m11 royal pass release date,

In BGMI, 360 UC is required to purchase an 'Elite Royale Pass' (Royal Pass), while 960 UC is required to get an "Elite Plus Royale Pass".

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks: Release Date

In the coming weeks, BGMI will reach the next royale pass. The M11 Royale pass is currently available to players. However, there are numerous leaks in the system for players. You’ll learn about all of the upcoming rewards and stuff in-game here. So, let’s learn more about the impending BGMI M11 Royale Pass Rewards, Leaks.

Every month, Krafton surprises us with something new with the royale pass. Players will be able to experience a variety of prizes as part of the new Royale pass. The Month 11 Royale pass, according to the leaks, will also include new goodies for the players. Headgear would be offered for 5RP as normal. There has been a lot of discussion about a new plane skin.

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Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Short Bio

Upcoming Update BGMI M11 Royal Pass
Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Release Date 18th May 2022
Bgmi M11 End Date Before 2hr of M11 Launch
Bgmi M11 RP Prics 360, 960UC
Offical Website Bgmi Offical

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Leaks

Here, Below are some Leaks of Bgmi M11 Royal Pass
  1. Leak 01: Fruit Fist UZI skin
  2. Leak 02: Ultimate Trendsetter Set
  3. Leak 03: Pixel Bolt Backpack
  4. Leak 04: Stomp Ground Emote
  5. Leak 05: Parasuit Skin & Granade Skin
  6. Leak 06:  Casual Stroll set

Here are some Leaks of Bgmi M11 Royal Pass going to come with new update.

Players will be able to camp from a tree, according to many reports and leaks. There’s a good probability that this feature will be available in 'traditional mode' as well. However, no formal confirmation has yet been received from community. 

In classic mode, there’s a strong likelihood that players will be able to camp in a tree or back this are minor leaks. It is, nevertheless, unformed, yet there is a chance. It will undoubtedly appeal to campers. From the top of the tree, they will be able to identify enemies. So, No Way Home mode has left its imprint.

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BGMI M11 Royal Pass Release Date

A brand new BGMI M11 Royal Pass is going to release on 18th May 2022 on the given Indian standard time of 5:30 am.  

It will be available for Android users. The gamer must purchase Royal Pass in order to gain ranking in the new season for higher intention.

Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Start and End date

The PUBG/BGMI M11 Royale Pass will be starting every month with higher incentives; the start date is 18 April 2022, and the end date is 19 May 2022.

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Reward

Below is List of Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Rewards

  • M11 0RP: Infernal chef
  • M11 05 RP: Pink Shelter Mask & Helmet
  • M11 10 RP: Pixel Bolt Backpack
  • M11 15 RP: Stomp Ground Emote
  • M11 20 RP: Parasuit Skin & Granade Skin
  • M11 25 RP:  Casual Stroll set
  • M11 30 RP: Mythic Emote and Plane Skin
So, above are Bgmi M11 royal pass rewards coming with this new update.

Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Price

Fans are more thrilled about M11 Royal Pass than M11 Royal Pass because it is said to feature a lot of incentives for a low price to players. According to leaked information, gamers would have to pay 360 UC for the Elite Royal Pass, while the Elite Royal Pass Plus will cost only 960 UC as from M1 RP.

Players will receive an additional gift certification worth 60 UC from Krafton regardless of whether they purchase Elite Royal Pass or Elite Royal Pass Plus for free. If you reach rank 30 during this season, you will earn a 60 UC voucher that may be used to purchase M11 or the next Royal Pass, which will be released in 20 April 2022.

You will receive a ticket for 60 UC if you purchase the BGMI M11 Elite Royal Pass and reach RP rank 47 or more. The UC earned can be used to purchase BGMI’s future Royal Pass and can be also used for crate opening.

Bgmi M11 1 to 50 Rp Rewards

So, below are some 1 to 50 rp rewards you may waiting for it and also like it.

Bgmi M11 1th Rp Rewards is an UZI skin

Above image is our Bgmi M11 1 Rp Reward which is also good Outfit and Name of this outfit is "Fruit Fist Skin".

Bgmi M11 2nd RP Rewrds is Outfit

So, above "Ultimate Trendsetter Set" is op and attractive I hope you like it.

M11 Royal Pass 3rd Rewards is Gun skin

This, Brand new Gun skin in C2S4 M11 Rewards.

Bgmi M11 4th Rewards is Brand New M762 Gun Skin

Bgmi M11 Royal Pass 50 RP Rewards

Bgmi M11 Royal Pass 50 RP Rewards

So, above can be Bgmi M11 50 Rp Outfit rewards and leaks. you can also see adove Bgmi M11 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI M11 Royal Pass Price

In BGMI, 360 UC is required to purchase an Elite Royale Pass, while 960 UC is required to get an Elite Plus Royale Pass as all of you know from Bgmi M1. The next season may be themed on food products, according to leaked information.

So, In this article, We Have covered the BGMI M11 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks with Royal Pass Release Date and images. Finally the Royal Pass leaks are out for the BGMI Season C2S5 M11 with release date. 

Here is a Video of M11 Royal Pass


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