Raistar Fire Hack Mod Apk 1.5 (MOD Paid) Download Free - 2022

With Raistar Fire Hack mod apk 1.5, adjusting Headshot and Sensitivity is too easy no matter what level you are and it is for free to Download in 2022

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 (MOD Paid for Free)

Raistar Fire Hack Mod Apk 1.5

Updated July 15, 2022
Apk Version v1.5
Apk Size 135 Mb
Total Download 10K+ Downloads
Rating On 4.2
Mod Featured Auto Headshot

Sensitivity parameters are essential to enhance player experience in third-person shooter games, especially Free Fire. With Raistar Fire Hack mod apk 1.5 for ff v2.68.1, adjusting Headshot and Sensitivity is too easy no matter what level you are and it is for free to Download in 2022.

About Raistar Fire Hack

Raistar Fire Hack is an application that helps increase sensitivity, and accurate headshots and improve your Free Fire playing experience. Vesperchip developed it to help gamers defeat opponents in matches with just one shot. With this tool, increasing your headshot rate to 99.99% shouldn’t be difficult. 

Also, it assists you in improving graphic clarity, resolution, and motion. Besides, this tool minimizes lag in the game. It produces excellent sensitivity and renders all the images you see in the game at their highest sharpness. In addition, the GFX tool for ff 2.68.1 it provides makes details like objects and shadows more realistic. GFX increases optimization and resolution to make games run smoothly.

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Sensitivity & Headshot tool

Veteran gamers probably already know what to do when it comes to sensitivity settings in Free Fire. However, adjusting the sensitivity is a challenge for beginners. However, with Raistar Fire Hack, everything has been dramatically simplified. The sensitivity parameters in the game have been preset. You do not need to manually adjust General, Red Dot, 2X Scope, 4X Scope, or AWM Scope. However, although the parameters are already present, you can change them to suit your phone configuration. Then, click “Add to Free Fire,” and the system will apply the parameters. These sensitivity changes will reduce the weapon’s recoil for faster aiming and easier headshots.

Raistar Fire Hack

With the support of Raistar Fire Hack, it is not difficult to increase rank in Free Fire. When applying this function, your shooting skills will increase rapidly. Instead of shooting many times, just one shot, you can knock down all opponents easily. The accuracy of your gun’s targeting also increases. Therefore, no matter what the distance is, you can still shoot accurately.

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Gloo Wall’s stats changed

In the melee battles of Free Fire, the Gloo wall is an essential item that you need to have in your inventory. It can save you in critical moments. Gloo wall is not just a single size and skin. Instead, it can be adjusted and varied skins. Professional players often change the gloo wall for a perfect level of play. With Raistar Fire Hack, you can quickly adjust the parameters of the gloo wall with no prior experience required. This tool allows you to adjust:

  • Gloo Button Size: if you have vision problems, make this icon larger for ease of use
  • Fire Button Size: Drag back and forth on the available bar to choose a suitable size.
  • Gloo Wall Speed: You can adjust the speed of Gloo Wall up to 5x. The higher the rate, the better the ability to escape death when fighting directly with the enemy
  • Generate: One gloo wall may not be enough to cover you. Therefore, please adjust a suitable amount by pressing “+” to exit in emergencies.

Custom HUD

The higher the player’s rank, the better the player’s HUD. But how do you get a satisfactory HUD when you have not reached the required level in games? Using Raistar Fire Hack, you can easily change the HUD in Free Fire. This tool provides a wide variety of HUD templates for you to choose from. You can select Custom, Tournament, or Ranked to change. Each HUD will have a different design. It also does not require you to root the device. When changing these HUDs, you don’t need to worry that it will affect the playing experience. The game stays smooth while your game interface is beautified.

Improve the Sensitivity and DPI of your device

Manufacturers often set a specific DPI by default for each device. However, not all users feel satisfied with these default resolutions and pixel densities. Therefore, Raistar Fire Hack is here to improve your situation. You can view information about your device at the main interface before adjusting it. After changing the necessary parameters, you will see a significant improvement in the smoothness and display of the image. Plus, the pixels are also significantly improved.

Youtube tricks and Giveaway

Raistar Fire Hack synthesizes many attractive Free Fire tips from many different YouTubers such as Total Gaming, Badge 99, RuokFF, etc. They will teach you many exciting tricks for you to improve your skills and raise your rank. However, not all tricks are right for you. Therefore, you need to consider before following.

In addition, to get more benefits in FreeFire, don’t ignore the giveaways that Raistar offers. Each Giveaway will have different prizes, time, and participation rules. Thus, you need to update this information to participate and receive rewards regularly.

Free Fire wallpaper changer

You don’t need to search Free Fire theme wallpapers on google or any websites. This tool has integrated a variety of wallpapers of this theme for you to choose from. In the “Wallpaper” category, you will find wallpapers of different styles. Scroll until you find a wallpaper you like. Then tap on them and apply them to the display you want.

MOD APK of Raistar Fire Hack

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Paid: Now you can download and install it for free.


Raistar Fire Hack is an excellent app for a mini price. It enhances your experience of playing Free Fire and creates unexpected gameplay moments.

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