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some interesting fact or information about Gta 5 Amanda and her life in Gta 5 Game,

GTA 5 Amanda De Santa Biography

GTA 5 Amanda De Santa Biography

GTA 5 Amanda De Santa, formerly Amanda Townley, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and the secondary tritagonist to Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V.

History of GTA 5 Amanda

Gta 5 Amanda was working as a stripper and possibly a prostitute when she first met Michael Townley. Her history before that is unknown, except that when Michael first met her she was living in a trailer park in the Midwest. 

In the mission 'Friends Reunited', Trevor comments that Michael bought breast implants for Amanda and made money using her as a prostitute. Eventually, they wound up dating, getting married, and having two children together, "Jimmy" and "Tracey". 

At some point, Michael informed her about a covert deal he'd made with corrupt FIB agent Dave Norton to sell out his crew during a robbery at a cash storage facility in Ludendorff and walk out a free man. Amanda of Gta 5 is skeptical that the plan will work, but Michael assures her this is the best way to protect their young family from the dangers his criminal lifestyle causes, in particular his crewmate Trevor due to his psychopathic tendencies. 

In this Gta 5 Amanda's misgivings about the plan prove true when the wrong man ends up shot and Trevor escapes, forcing the family to go into hiding in "Los Santos", though they assume Trevor got himself killed due to the grief of losing his only friend.

Further Reading of GTA 5 Amanda

The relationship between Amanda and Michael has become very sour over the last decade and they barely tolerate each other. Michael spends his time in "drinking", 'moping', and 'losing his temper' at her, forcing her to raise their kids without and input from him. She spends his money very freely on expensive clothing, jewelry, and plastic surgery, while verbally abusing him.

Amanda appears to have a drinking problem, and also appears to be a kleptomaniac addicted.

During friend activities, Amanda tells Michael that she wishes to teach yoga and tennis to the homeless, a heavily edited dream that she only settles on after Michael scoffs at simply teaching the activities, commenting that there are "far too many" of both in Los Santos already.

Events of GTA V with Amanda

Amanda is first seen in the Prologue mission attending Michael's funeral.

Broken relationship Phrase

“Just don't kill him!”

— Amanda after Michael goes after Kyle.

At some point in their relationship, she caught Michael in bed with another stripper, and from bank statements she found, believed he was spending money on strip clubs and prostitutes. Afterwards, she began having affairs of her own in room. 

She later appears in the mission Complications, while Franklin is invading Michael's House to retrieve "Jimmy's BeeJay XL". She is in the kitchen with her tennis coach 'Kyle Chavis', and 'Kyle' is "demonstrating" to Amanda how to properly use a tennis racket. This hints that Gta 5 Amanda is cheating on Michael with her tennis coach.

She then appears in her own mission, when she is almost Traped, after being caught shoplifting from Didier Sachs in Rockford Plaza. Michael needs to rescue her after she calls asking for his help, he steals the police car with a handcuffed Amanda held in the back seat and flees from the police. 

While they are going back to the house, they discuss Amanda's habit of stealing things, Michael's past criminal life and even Michael's investments in the stock market and the mortgage on their home.

Leaving Michael

“You are ALONE, you pathetic psychopath!”

— Amanda, before leaving Michael.

During the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?, Michael and Amanda are having another argument, this time about Trevor's return, when Amanda's yoga coach, Fabien LaRouche, arrives and invite both of them to a yoga session to relax. Surprisingly, Michael agrees to try a class, much to Amanda's frustration, which appears to be his main reasoning. 

The session is going well, until Fabien attempts to put Amanda into an inappropriate yoga position. This causes Michael to lash out and lunge at Fabien. Fabien dodges Michael, who instead falls into his swimming pool. Amanda gets angry with Michael's constant angry behavior and leaves him, takes the children and moves in with Fabien.

Reunited family

“Listen, Michael, I'm so glad we're back" together and making a go of things. After everything we've been through, I just couldn't give up on our family. Yes, you're awful and clearly you're never going to change, but I guess I want to bury you, when the time comes, as your wife.”

— Amanda, in an e-mail sent to Michael after the mission Reuniting the Family.


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