BGMI v2.2 Update Release Date, (APK+ Obb) Download , Patch Notes, Features, and More

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Bgmi 2.2 Update

BGMI v2.2 Update Release Date

The current BGMI v2.2 has not been released but it is going to release. In this article, we will talk about BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date, Download, and Patch Notes in this article.

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BGMI v2.2 is currently available for download; the game has over one million participants. If you're one of those people who wants to get the newest version of BGMI 2.2 Apk, you've come to the right place. Then this post will provide you with in-depth information on how to get Bgmi (Battleground Mobile India) 2.2, as well as Bgmi 2.2 Release Date, Rewards, and Leaks. So, read the article all the way to the conclusion to learn how to do it.

Bgmi 2.2 Update Short Bio

Game Name BGMI
Game Version 2.2 
Bgmi 2.2 Release Date 18th September 2022
Bgmi 2.2 Apk Size 767 MB
Bgmi 2.2 Apk Update Size 383 MB
Rating 4.4 Stars
Official Website Bgmi Offical
Playstore Bgmi 2.0
AppStore Bgmi 2.0

BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date

A Brand new BGMI 2.2 update will be released on September 18th, 2022 at 5:30 am in Indian standard time, and will update on all devices at the same time as the Bgmi 2.2 update.

This version is available for Android and iOS users to download or update to the most recent version of BGMI, BGMI 2.2.

BGMI 2.2 Update APK Info

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) 2.2 has not yet been officially launched on the Play Store and App Store, and it is not yet available for some users. Everyone should be able to download the BGMI 2.2 Update release date, and you can locate 2.2 as the most recent version of BGMI on the Play Store and App Store.

The most recent BGMI 2.2 update includes a new mode called "Erangle 3.0" in which players will be able to travel to the Volcano area on the map and a new location with a lot of loot, similar to Crazy. So, you might conclude that BGMI has offered a pretty unique mode that is full of craziness and plenty of riches.

This feature is so intriguing because it allows for a large number of gamers to congregate in one location and engage in a massive battle. The fight to win "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" is fierce.

Bgmi 2.2 Update Variation

Here, with this Bgmi 2.2 update, there may be new and latest rewards and events going to come with this update. But in 2.0 some new events and rewards come and are going on. But with this update, new changes are going to come and brand rewards and updates will be there like new outfits, gun skins, new looks, maps, and more. This bgmi 2.2 update will bring a great change.

In this article I have included all information related to bgmi 2.2 updates and this update bring many new thing with this update and this update is op and useful you can use this apk and also you can download this apk from this site easily. I have brought a new and latest updated apk for this bgmi 2.2 update.

How to download and Install BGMI 2.2 Apk and Obb?

Following are steps to download and Install Bgmi 2.2 Apk and Obb file for Free.

  1. First Download the BGMI 2.2 Apk by clicking on the download button below.
  2. Then Enable the Unknow Source option from Setting Privacy > Install from Unknown Source.
  3. After that, Simply open your folder location where you have downloaded. mostly in Downloads Folder.
  4. Then simply click on the BGMI.apk file, and Install the game.
  5. and That's all, you have installed BGMI 2.2.
  6. BGMI 2.2 Apk doest requires OBB Files. Simply download, install and then Download the packages inside the game and you are good to go.

Downloading and Installing BGMI 2.2 Apk is quite easy and straightforward. Follow the steps to Download and Install the latest version of BGMI 2.2 Apk.

Features of BGMI 2.2 update and Patch notes

  • Hyundai Pony Coupe Car
  • K2 Assault Rifle (AR) Gun
  • AS-VAL Gun (5.56mm)
  • TANGO Map
  • Paramo Map
  • WindShield for Car
  • Speedometer in Car
  • Ferry in Erangel
  • Hide and Seek Mode
  • Light and Shadow Adventure Mode (New park in Prison)
  • Little Moon in Sky
  • Blue Zone
  • Piggyback (Carry) Feature
  • Emergency Pickup
  • C1S3 – Royale Pass M10 & M11
  • New Bride 2.2 
  • New Bike and Laser Gun with Drive-By
  • Staff as Melee
  • Flying Cloud
  • Tank in Airdrop

Bgmi 2.2 (Battleground Mobile India) is now available. New features, modes, vehicles, terrain, weapons, costumes, and awards are all included in the Patch Note. The following are the new awards in the BGMI 2.2 update patch.

So, the BGMI 2.2 update Patch Note and features that will be included in this fresh new version are listed above. Bgmi 2.2 will be released on Google Play shortly.

BGMI 2.2  Apk and Obb Download

You must carefully follow the following step-by-step directions to download BGMI 2.2 Update Apk and Obb, after which you will be able to download the updated version of the video game.

To get the BGMI 2.2 Apk and Obb Update, you must first go to

After accessing the aforementioned website, you will be allowed to download the TapTap App. Select that option and download the TapTap app. Install and start the TapTap program after downloading it.

After you've launched the TapTap application, go to the home screen and hit the search bar. A text box will appear after pressing on the Search Bar; type "BGMI 2.2 Update Download apk and Obb" in the text field and tap search.

The BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) program will then appear in front of you; you will see a Download option; touch on that option.

The BGMI 2.2 Version will be downloaded to your device if you select the Download option.

Bgmi 2.2 Update Latest Video

Download Bgmi 2.2 Latest Update Apk and OBB

Download Now


We hope that after reading this post, you have gained a thorough understanding of how to obtain the BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date. If you have any further questions or concerns about BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date Download after reading this post, please leave them in the comments section below.

I will do my best to respond to any of your inquiries and concerns as quickly as possible. To do so, simply leave remarks in the comment box.


Which is the next Bgmi Update?

Here a brand new Bgmi 2.2 Update is going to come. And will be able to see you soon.

What is the Release date of the Bgmi 2.2 Update?

Bgmi 2.2 Update Release date is on 17th July 2022 and will be available on all devices.

Are Bgmi 2.2 Update is Same?

Yes, most of the rewards and things will be the same in this BGMI 2.2.

Is Bgmi 2.2 Mod apk Safe or not?

No, according to the official website new no hacker or Mod is eligible and is restricted.


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