Gullu YT UID, Free Fire id, Age, Real Name, Face, Device, and More

Gullu YT UID, Age, Real Name, Face, Device, and More

Gullu YT

Gullu YT UID

Hey Guys, In this post I will share the information about the Gullu YT, a free fire gamer. He is a famous Indian free fire player. Gull YT has 815K+ subscribers on his youtube channel. Here in this post, I will give you the Gullu YT's Free Fire UID number, Age, Real Name, Face, and more.

Gullu YT UID

Gullu YT's FF Uid number is 226506232 and His IGN GULLU•YT࿐

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Short Biography of Gullu YT

Real Name Gullu
Age 17-25 years old
Free Fire UID 226506232
FreeFire In-Game Name GULLU•YT࿐
Country India
K/D 3.89
Nationality India
HomeTown n/a
Controls 2 Fingure
Current Device iPhone 11

Social Media Details

Youtube Gullu yt
Instagram @Gullu_yt
2 Youtube Channel Gullu Yt Live

Gullu yt Biography 

Gullu YT, He is popular free fire gamer and streamer. The real name of Gullu YT   is Gullu. He is from West Bengal. He originally stream free fire gameplay videos about rank push.  

Gullu YT Face Reveal

Gullu Yt is very Famous Free Fire player and has huge fan following on YouTube and Other social Media's but He has not revealed her real face or photo on any Social Media yet. Free fire gamer's FF UID. Free fire Gamer's zone freefire UID. Free fire gamer's zone freefire id, biography, age, stats, uid, income, face revel and more.

Gullu YT Face Reveal

Gullu yt  Lifetime Stats

Gullu YT has played 25623 squad games with this account and He had 9366 victories with the win ratio of 36.55%. Gullu YT has killed 89423 players at the K/D ratio of 3.49.

Gullu YT has also 869 Gullu YT in 3594 duo games, In the dua mode, He has 24.17% of win ratio With the K/D ratio of 2.71, he has accumulated 9762 kills.  

Gullu YT has also played more than 2660 solo games and secured win 424 matches, that resulting in a win rate of 15.94%. Gullu YT has also eliminated 7451 competitors in solo games and sustained K/D ratio of 2.80.  

Gullu YT's Youtube Channel 

Gullu YT has started his YouTube channel 18th May, 2019 and his subscribers count has been increased 8.15 Lakh in 2 Years. He has also started another new channel named Gullu Gaming Live which has 16K subscribers.

Gullu YT Popular YouTube Video

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