Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar) – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Phone Number, Net Worth

Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar) – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Phone Number, Net Worth,


As the Gaming niche is getting popular on Youtube day by day, so, new gamers are also coming to the platform. Mythpat, is one of them. He is an Indian Gaming Youtuber, has more than 3.8 Million subscribers on Youtube. His real name is Mithilesh Patankar. Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar) – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Phone Number, Net Worth.

Mythpat Real name

The idea of naming his YouTube channel as Mythpat comes from his Real name Mithilesh Patankar. He divided his name into two parts. From Mithilesh, he picked Myth, and From Patankar, he picked pat and combined them.  Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar) – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Phone Number, Net Worth

Today, we talk about Mithilesh’s biography, age, net worth, birthday, girlfriend, career journey, and more. Stick with us to get a broad picture of his biography. Let’s take a look at his quick facts first.

Mythpat Phone Number

Mythpat has a huge fan following so use it care fully, don't miss use of it. Mythpat phone number is 54789*****. Sorry guy but it is privet so i can't provid it because it is crime.

Mythpat Biography

Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The man passed his childhood in Mumbai as well. He loved to practice mimicry from his childhood, and when he shared his latest mimicry voice with his family, his family always admired him and motivated him. 

Not only for mimicry, his family always stands behind him when it comes to pursuing his dream. He said, “He is having the best family member in the world, they are very supportive.” 

Besides Parents, he has Grandma in his family. From his Childhood, Mithilesh hadn’t many friends.

He was very good at studying and video games from childhood. Mythpat has passed his school education from Balmohan Vidyamandir SchoolMumbai, India. After that, he went to the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology for his Engineering.

Mythpat Age

He was born in 1998 in Mumbai, so in 2021, Mithilesh is 22 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 16th January of each year. Further, his birthday indicates that he falls under the sun sign of Capricorn. Being a Capricorn, he is very disciplined, loyal, and intelligent.

At the age of 22, he got a lot of success, which even 35 years old one can’t find. No doubt, behind his success, he sacrificed a considerable amount of nights. In front of his hard work, his success is nothing. As he is still young, needless to mention that in the upcoming times, he will earn more victory. 


Mithilesh was an Introvert in his childhood times. Even still, he is more or less introverted. So that’s why it was always tough for him to express his words back in the year confidently. As a Fanboy of Shahrukh Khan, he always wants to follow Shah Rukh Khan accurately. 

So, during his school time, he decided to learn the arts of mimicry and started practicing. After practicing 16 days to mimic Shah Rukh Khan’s voice, he reached the level and decided to record it on his phone. Later, Mythpat shared the mimicry records with his family. 

As mentioned above, the family was very supportive, and they used to appreciate his work. That appreciation motivated him. So he took an initiative to learn other artist’s mimicry.

As he decided, he started learning mimicry more deeply. In the meantime, he finished his primary education and joined the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology for engineering. During his college time, he overcame his introverted character, and he was thinking of shifting into the United States for a better life.

Once at one of his college events, he decided to express his mimicry talent. Although he wasn’t well prepared, the performance ended with a maximum number of claps, and the audience cheered him.

Everything was working for him, and he became famous in his college. Every time there is an event, there is Mithilesh’s performance. Even, he had represented his college and earned different kinds of titles from the competition. Although everything was going his way, he was missing something. That’s why he decided to come into Youtube and share his talent with a broad audience.

As he thought, he started uploading videos on Youtube. The first video of his Youtube channel was a dubbing video around Sacred Games. The video was amazing but didn’t get engaged. He increased his video uploading limits, but the channel didn’t get any attraction from the audience.

In January 2019, he uploaded a funny comic video about Doraemon cartoon, and this video went viral insanely. On 11th January, he hit 1000 subscribers, on 15th January the number increased and hit 5000 subscribers milestone. Even within two months, he was able to get 100K subscribers in April 2019, because of that viral Doraemon video.

Later, he decided to get into the gaming niche as he loves to play new games, so he thought, why not mix dubbing and gaming together. He was inspired by a Dutch youtube content creator, named Kwebbelkop, has over 13 million subscribers.

Because of his unique commentary style and gameplay, now Mythpat is counted as one of the most influential Gamers in India, his audiences are the most engaging. Now he is planning to become a Voice artist and works for Web Series.

Mythpat Girlfriend

As an Intelligent, Successful, and humorous guy at the same time, any girl can easily fall into his love. Even most of the girls find someone like him. But unfortunately, Mithilesh didn’t talk about his relationship status, and there are no valid resources that say that he is in a relationship. That means He is still single.

Mythpat Net Worth

Mythpat’s net worth is somewhere between $500K to $1Million. Not to mention that most of his income comes from his Youtube channel. According to SocialBlade, he is earning at least 25 thousand dollars per month, which is almost 20 Lakhs rupee. Just imagine, a recent college passed man making more than $25K / 20 Lakhs Rupee per month by just following his dream.

Besides Youtube ads, he also earns from sponsorship. No doubt, as a popular content creator, he got lots of sponsorship offers per month. A considerable amount of money comes from his sponsorship. He also earns from doing mimicry for brands.

In rupees, Mithilesh Patankar holds a net worth of 3 Crores 50 lakhs, which is sufficient to lead a lavish lifestyle with family.

Height and Weight

The guy is a quite tall guy. But how tall is he? Mythpat is almost 6 Feet, the exact number is 5 Feet 10 Inches.

If you’re a follower of his Instagram account, you might have noticed that Mithilesh is a fitness freak and tries to keep him healthy and fit. Although he didn’t disclose his diet plan, but followers assume that he is taking a green and healthy diet.

Thanks to his healthy diet and workout sessions, he is holding a weight of 67 Kilograms. The combination of his height and weight makes him look more muscular.

Social Media Appearance

Currently, Mythpat is available on four major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Although maybe Mithilesh is also active in other social media platforms but above mentioned are the popular one.

YouTube: Almost 96% of his followers recognize him because of his Youtube content. To date, he owns a Youtube channel, and has more than 3 million followers. The channel was created on 29th July 2018. Over the last 30 days, he got more than 95 Million video views on his channel, which is insane.

Instagram: On Instagram, he has more than 250K followers, has uploaded more than 55 posts on Instagram. He tries to upload exclusive content for his Instagram audience, and that’s why he isn’t that much active on Instagram. On average, he gets more than 23K likes on his every new post; that means, his Instagram account has an engagement ratio of 13%, which is literally unbelievable.

Twitter: Other than all the mentioned before, he also active on Twitter. More than 2000 people follow him on Twitter. Recently he joined Twitter in February 2019.

Facebook: Although he is not quite active on Facebook, then again, a decent number of people follow him on his Facebook account, the number is over 12 thousand. He is aiming to be more active on Facebook.

Discord: In his Discord, Mithilesh has built a community where more than 120K already has joined.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

These are most asked questions about Mithilesh by his followers and subscribers on different platforms.

Who is Mythpat?

Mythpat real name is Mithilesh Patankar. Mithilesh is one of the most popular and influential Indian gamer with having more than Five million subscribers on his channel.

How Old Are Mithilesh Patankar?

He was born in 1998 and in 2021, Mithilesh’s age is now 22 Years old.

What is the Net Worth of Mythpat?

Mythpat’s net worth is 3.5 Crores+ and his monthly salary is over 20 Lakhs from Youtube. Apart from Youtube Partner Programmes, he also earns money from various sources like Brand Deals, Paid Sponsorship for Social Media, etc.

What is Mythpat height?

He is kind of a tall guy by having the a giant height. He is currently 6 Feet tall.

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