Garena Free Fire max Hack Mod APK OB40 -2.98.2 [Aimbot, Diamonds] Download 100% Working

Garena Free Fire Max Hack – Mod APK OB40 [Aimbot, Diamonds] Download 100% Working 2.98.2.

Garena Free Fire Max Hack Mod APK OB40

There’s a lot of excitement in this exciting battle royale shooter, and with good reason. Garena frequently releases updates to Free Fire with exciting new events and characters, which flesh out its story and shooting, which makes it one of the top games for mobile multiplayer of all time. In a world with many enthusiastic players, There’s likely to be an interest in Garena Free Fire hacks. Garena Free Fire Hack – Mod APK [Aimbot, Diamonds] Download 100% Working 2.98.2 for OB40

Garena Free Fire Hack Mod APK OB40

But anyone who has played in a game with multiplayer knows that it’s common to hear players blame fake hackers for their ill-timed deaths. If the tension is up and tempers are getting heated, and characters are escalating, it’s more convenient to blame external forces than to admit that you’ve been outplayed. It’s the reason it’s so important to find out if anyone is using a Garena Free Fire Max hack in your competition. Garena Free Fire Max Hack – Mod APK [Aimbot, Diamonds] Download 100% 2.98.2.

What is Free Fire Max Mod APK Hack?

We can say Free Fire Max Hack is the modified version of original Free Fire. The gameplay and the server of the game will be same but you will get extra hack features using this hack APK. The hack features are already discussed in this article, you can read it by scrolling below in this article.

Download Free Fire Max Hack From Given Link Below

Apk Below

Download Free Fire Hack Apk 2.98.2

Obb Below

Download Free Fire Mod Obb File


Garena Free Fire has one of the biggest fanbases in mobile gaming. There is likely to be a tiny part of the audience who will try to cheat their way to the highest levels.

A glance on YouTube will indeed yield a variety of videos about fake Garena Free Fire-related hacks, with some of them claiming to include speeds hacks, diamond hacks, quick headshot hacks, and many more. In reality, it’s unclear whether many of these videos are genuine hackers, since it is also essential to determine whether certain instances are just bugs or if the person who is accused of hacking is an expert in his field.

On this game’s Reddit site, There’s a tendency to find gamers complaining about getting caught on the wrong side of the Garena Free Fire hack. Although this doesn’t seem to be an issue that would cause too much irritation in the casual mode of the game, getting killed over and over repeatedly by hackers in ranking will cause a ripple effect on your performance and the overall satisfaction of the game.

Pros and Cons of Garena Free Fire Max Mod APK Hack :

Pro :

Free of Cost : The hack is available for free of cost, no money required to download the hack, it is totally free and 100% working.

No Root Required : There is no need to root your phone to enjoy the hack, the hack is working in all devices i.e. rooted and non-rooted both.

Cons :

Highly Addictive : The Free Fire Hack game is highly addictive, so play the game only for fun.

Risk of getting Banned: There is a risk of getting banned of your original ID if you use the hack. So avoid using the hack in your original ID.

Features of Garena Free Fire Max Hack

Graphics :

The graphics in the game are breathtaking. They’re crystal accurate, clear and smooth. Your player will be able to see an incredible time playing this game and having a great time.

Land wherever you like:

You can now be anywhere you’d like with this online game. You are now able to be afloat at any place you want. It’s up to you.

Want to have fun.


You can also play with up to 50 players simultaneously. The longer you stay alive and eliminate your foes, the higher you get a higher rank and continue to grow. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Numerous guns:

There are a variety of firearms available. It is now possible to take out your adversaries with weapons like the AWM, MI6A4

and many and much more!

Many languages:

It is now possible to enjoy playing with players from across the globe since this game supports various languages.


You can also form your team of 4 players using voice chat so that you can plan your plan with co-ordination

amongst your partners

Safety equipment:

Much safety equipment is available in this game, such as armour sets, helmets, and many more.

Different game modes:

The game also provides players with different game modes. It’s up to you which one you prefer to play in.

Maps divided into:

The maps are also split into various areas such as airports, etc., making it easier to find multiple sites.

Many Types of Modes:

The player of your choice can now play in various Modes as well. It could be daytime or night, winter or summer.

Mod Features of Free Fire Max Hack APK

  • Unlimited Diamonds

You will have unlimited Diamonds in your Free Fire account that you can use it to buy or unlock anything, you will not have to spend money in order to unlock anything. Just download the Free Fire hack APK in your android device.

  • Auto Aim

No need to worry about how your bad is aim, just install this hack and your aim will automatically move towards the enemy.

  • Auto Head

while having front to front with enemy the headshot matters a lot so if you activate this then your aim will automatically move towards the enemy’s head.

  • No Recoil

you will not face any recoil problem after downloading and activating this Free Fire Mod Hack.

  • Ghost Mode

It means you will not visible to your enemy, you can ghostly take down the enemy without letting him know.

  • ESP Hack

All the locations of enemies will be visible you, you will able to clearly see your enemy location. Also gun’s name, enemy health, enemy name and more things will be visible to you when you activate this hack.

  • Wall Hack

Kill the enemy who is hiding behind any cover by activating this hack using Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Hack.

  • No Scope Shake

If you are irritated of scope shaking problem while spraying then activate this hack, there will be no scope shake problem in this.

  • No Fog, Grass

There will be no fog and no grass using this Free Fire Hack.

  • Car Fly

You will be able to fly the car like other hackers do.

  • Antiban

No headache of getting account banned as this hack is anti-ban but my advice is not to use your original account.

  • All unlocked

Everything is already unlocked, all the skins, character and everything is unlocked.

  • Free Fire Hack Diamonds Generator

Download Free Fire Hack Mod APK which have inbuilt diamonds generator by using which you can generate unlimited Diamonds in your Free Fire Account

  • Aim Movement Hack

Get the perfect aim towards the enemy using Aim Movement by just downloading Free Fire hack from the below download link provided of the mod apk.

  • Teleport Car

Teleport your car using free fire hack means you can able to move from location to another location within seconds using this hack.

How to Download and Install Free Fire Max Mod APK Hack in your Device for OB4?

  • First of all uninstall the original version of Free Fire Max APK
  • Now download the Free Fire Mod APK in your device
  • Now install the Free Fire Hack APK in your android device by allowing unknown source
  • Now let the installation to be finished
  • Now Download Free Fire Mod OBB File in your Device
  • Extract and copy paste the obb file in Android > OBB folder
  • Now open the Free Fire Mod APK by clicking on the App icon
  • Now enjoy the all hack mentioned in this article including unlimited diamonds.

Final Words

Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Hack + OBB helps you in improving your in-game skills and ranks. It also provides you with a chance of showing off or impressing your friends. If you are interested in becoming a pro player, then you can go for the original version of the game. But if you are playing it just for enjoyment, then this mod apk version can enhance your gaming experience. Use Free Fire max MOD APK and become invincible in the game.

FAQ: Free Fire Hack Mod APK

Q. Is this free fire hack safe to use?

Ans: Yes, this free fire hack is 100% safe to use.

Q. Will my ID get banned if I use this hack?

Ans: Although this hack is safe but we recommend don’t use your original ID with this free fire hack.

Q. Will I get unlimited Diamonds using this Free Fire Hack?

Ans: Yes, you will get unlimited diamonds in your account using this free fire mod apk.

Q. Is this Free Fire hack a fraud?

Ans: No this Free Fire mod apk Hack is not a fraud this hack is working 100% without any issue.

Q. It is showing unlimited diamonds in my Free fire account after activating Diamonds hack but not able to use those diamonds?

Ans: If you are getting this error in this Free Fire Hack then it will not work for your device or account but still you can enjoy other Free Fire Hack included in this mod apk.


Ans. The only and best way to stay clear of the Garena Free Fire hacks is to not play with users using the hacks. If you are knowingly playing by cheating could result in you being banned if Garena’s system to detect cheaters detects it, meaning that you should not play with your friends often even if they’re employing hacks.

Q. How do you report GARENA FREE FIRE Hacks?

Ans. Garena relies on reports from players to find and detain the majority of players who are using hacks. The good news is that reporting another user suspected of using a Garena Free Fire Hack is an easy process. Just open their game profile, click on the exclamation mark icon, and file a cheating report.

In the case of Garena Free Fire hacks, be aware that the top players will never resort to such strategies. In reality, you’ll have a lot more fun playing safely than making it difficult for people unfortunate enough to end up in a game with you. This is why we don’t suggest any kind of hack. Garena Free Fire hack.

If you’re looking to keep current with the most recent Free Fire news, we’ve been keeping you informed by providing the Garena Free Fire new update guide. Here’s how you can begin earning lots of Garena Free Fire diamonds quickly.

If you still face any problem then feel free to comment below, we will try to help you out.


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