New 20+ PUBG/ Bgmi 2.0 Premium Avatar Download for April 2022 Latest | How to Use Pubg Premium Avatar Free ?

20+ PUBG Premium Avatar Download for 2022 latest | How to Use Pubg Premium Avatar Free, New avtar for pubg, latest frame for pubg,

PUBG Premium Avatar Download For Free. How to use PUBG Premium Avatar for Free? Step by step procedure to use PUBG Premium Avatar for free. How to Change PUBG Avatar if an account is connected to Gmail or Facebook. 20+ PUBG and Bgmi 2.0 Premium Avatar Download for April 2022 latest | How to Use Pubg Premium Avatar Free ?

PUBG Premium Avatar Download HD:

As we all know that PUBG Premium Avatar is not free it cost about 180 UC. So, in this article, we gonna use some tricks with the help of which we can use that Premium Avatar in PUBG for free. Some people use their Facebook account for PUBG login and changing their Profile photo is a little bit Embarrassing. In this article, I am giving a simple hack if you use that trick no one will able to use your Facebook profile photo. 

There are a total of 17 PUBG Premium Avatar you can download for Free and use into your PUBG Avatar. 20+ PUBG Premium Avatar Download 2022 | How to Use Pubg Premium Avatar Free? Best of Pubg and Bgmi 2.0  Premium Avatar Download For Free With HD quality.

1. How to Change PUBG Avatar If your Account is Connected to Gmail?

Search on Google “Google Login“

into Google with that Gmail

Then click on the Circle on Top left Side

Then Change that Image by Uploading PUBG Premium Avatar given Below

After 3-4 hours, your PUBG Avatar will be Changed

2. How to Change PUBG / Bgmi Avatar If your account is connected to Facebook?

  • First Login into your Facebook Account
  • Then Upload PUBG Premium Avatar as your Facebook profile Photo

  • After Uploading, Go to ‘ Edit Privacy‘ of that Profile Photo
  • Change it to’ Only One’

  • Now, One will be able to See your Profile Photo
  • Your Profile Photo will Not Available to anyone timelines or Newsfeed except you.
  •  But, if People Visit your Account they are able to see your Profile Photo.

20+PUBG Premium Avatar Download:


PUBG Premium Avatar

PUBG Premium Avatar

PUBG Premium Avatar

PUBG Premium Avatar


PUBG Premium Avatar


PUBG Premium Avatar


PUBG Premium Avatar


PUBG Premium Avatar


PUBG Premium Avatar

PUBG Premium Avatar 2022


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