Glock Gaming YT Bgmi id, Biography, Age, Stats, k/d, Real Name, and more

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Glock Gaming 

Glock Gaming YT Bgmi id

As we all know Pubg is one of the most popular game in world and mostly played in india. as we know after ban of pubg in India all content creator and pubg lover were disappointed. But after one years of wating Pubg launched Bgmi in India in June for testing mode, Now it is currently played all over in India. All Bgmi Lover and content creator got a well content back again and pubglover converted into Bgmilover.

Who is Glock Gaming Yt?

As we all Know About Glock Gaming, he has Youtube Channel and has more than 1.08M+ Subscriber on his youtube channel. He is an a great youtube Content creator. Here you will know more about Glock Gaming Biography, Pubg/Bgmi id, Age, Stats, k/d, Real Name, and more.

Glock Gaming Face Revel

Short Biography of Glock Gaming

Real Name Navdeep Dhanda
Age 23 years old
Pubg ID 5114796441
Pubg In-Game Name GlockGamingYT
Pubg Popularity 200.1k+
Country India
K/D 2.89
Nationality India
Controls 4 Fingure+gyroscope(Always on)
Current Device iPad pro

Social Media Details

Youtube Glock Gaming
Instagram @GlockGamingyt

Glock Gaming Biography

Glock Gaming Real Name is "Navdeep Dhanda". He has Reveled his face already on his instagram. Glock gaming has a second channel name as Glock Gaming live. He always make his video on Bgmi Montage, Bgmi tips and tricks, and more.  

Glock gaming Bgmi id

Glock Gaming's Bgmi id is 5114796441 and has more than 200K+ Popularity on his bgmi  id, Glock Gaming has obtained the title name's (Conquror) this title are provided to only a great content creator from which Glock Gaming is too.

Glock Gaming Face Revel

Glock Gaming has face revel on his instagram.

Glock Gaming Youtube detailed

Glock gaming has youtube channel and has more than 1.08K+ subscriber on his youtube channel. Glock Gaming has started his youtube channel on 14 December 2017 and had completed 4 years in 2021. He has uploded his first video on 7 August 2019 and the video content is related to Pubg (Waqt Sabka Badalta Hai | Pubg Version | Pubg Short Film By Glock Gaming

Glock aka Navdeep Education?

According to Jayant, he excelled in his studies and he has completed his school education in Mathura. Now Navdeep currently continuing college at Up University.

How Glock started Gaming and Youtube Channel?
After the Pubg Launched he started playing PUBG on an Mobile and uploads a video regarding Funny on his youtube channel. He occasionally live-streams on his 2 youtube channel too.

Most Searched Question on Glock Gaming Yt

What is Bgmi ID of Glock Gaming?

Bgmi ID's of Glock Gaming is 5114796441 and His IGN( In-game-name) is GlockGamingYT.

What is the age of Glock Gaming yt?

Glock aka Navdeep is 23 years old (As of 2021). The real Name of Glock Gaming is Navdeep Dhanda.

Which device do Glock use to play the game?

Glock Gmaing uses iPad pro to Bgmi mobile on Phone. Sometimes he uses PC to play.

Who is the favorite player of Glock Gaming?

Jonathan is the Favorite PUGB player of Glock.

Which city does Glock currently stay in?

Glock currently resides in up, India.

Which sports Glock like apart from Esports?

Glock Gaming yt likes playing cricket and Volleyball sometimes.

What do thinks about his career?

In the coming years, He wants to drive into the World of Esports and He also wants to start Vlogging as soon as possible.

Some facts about Glock Gaming
He has more than 35K followers on his Instagram.
He is interested in Photoshoot and Photo editing.
He posts his modeling photos on his Instagram.
He has a total of 2 YouTube Channels with slightly has the same names.

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