Google Baba Gaming Bgmi ID, Stats, KD, Earning, Device and More

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Google Baba Gaming

Google Baba Gaming Bgmi ID

Google Babayt Gaming is the most popular Channel in making Bgmi montage video, he gained over 206k+ Subscribe.

Google Baba Gaming Real Name

Google Baba Gaming's real name is Raju Paul. He is a content creator and  He has 193K+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Google Baba Gaming Age & Income

According to the source, he is a 23 year old boy and he lives in  India. His daily streams videos related to Bgmi, & Getting Over it  YouTube Channel and he had also joined Esports as a content creator. 

Sagar Thakur has $100-$1K (approx) monthly income. he uses the iPhone device for Bgmi and is famous for both Bgmi.

Google Baba Gaming Bgmi id

Google Baba Gaming's Bgmi id is 5455964527 and Bgmi ING(In Game Name) is Google Baba Gaming. Google Baba Gaming Real Name is Raju Paul.

Short Biography of Google Baba Gaming

Real Name Raju Paul
Age 24 years old
Bgmi ID 5455964527 
Bgmi IGN GoogleBaba20M
Country India
K/D 6.89
Controls 4 Fingure
Current Dvc iPhone 13 pro max

Social Media Details

Youtube Google Baba Gaming
Instagram @itsmegooglebaba

Google Baba Gaming Face Revel

Google Baba Gaming has face revel on his Youtube Channel.

Google Baba Gaming Face Revel

Google Baba Gaming Youtube detailed

Google Baba Gaming has youtube channel and has more than 255K+ subscriber on his youtube channel. Sagar has started his youtube channel on 01 September 2018 and had completed 3 years in 2021. He has posted more than 371 video on his youtube channel which is very hard. 

(LApsara Aali | iOS BGMI MONTAGE | SAMSUNG,A3,A5,A6,A7,J2,J5,J7,S5,S6,S7,59,A10,A20,A30,A50,A70)

Google Baba Gaming Instagram

Google Baba Gaming Bgmi Control settings 

Google baba Gaming control code :-6937-1152-2039-5957-010

Youtube Journey 

He Started his youtube journey in 2019 and started to uplode small video related to Bgmi and love to play Bgmi. He firstly play's coc. He first buy Asus Zenphone max pro MI, He played Bgmi for sometime after that he's phone was broken and his family won't give him new mobile then he started doing parttime job and earn money and then buy Poco F1 (6gb ram/ 128gb Internal) by his own earn money. And then he started his Youtube channel after his hardwork on youtube he receive 23k subscribe and requested his family to provide him iphone 11. And started a best fastest playing in Bgmi.

For more Info about his youtube channel :-

All Season KD

Season 6   :-              4.0 Kd 

Season 7   :-              4.44 Kd

Season 8   :-              7.00 Kd

Season 9   :-              1.00 Kd

Season 10 :-              2.90 kd

Season 11 :-              2.17 kd 

Season 12 :-              3.36 kd

Season 13 :-              0.00 kd

Season 14 :-              1.60 kd

Season 15 :-              4.31 kd

Season 16 :-              7.67 kd

Season 17 :-              2.30 kd

Current Season 18 :-  4.00 kd

When he reach Conqueror?

He reach Conqueror in Season 13 in Solo.

His earning 

He earn 10,000 to 11,000rs per week. 

Early life

He real name is Raju Paul, lives in Kolkata. He complete his 10th studies and dropout his study in 11th and after he never done Graduaction. He inspire to making Youtube channel from a great Youtuber 'Amit bhadana', and his favourate gaming youtuber is 'Scoutop'.

Most Searched Questions About Google Baba gaming

In Reality what is your real name google baba gaming?

In Reality His name is Raju Paul.

What is Google Baba's favorite game?

Bgmi Mobile is his favorite game.

When Google baba reached conqueror in BgmiMobile?

In season 13 in solo mode he reached conqueror in Bgmi mobile.

In Bgmi mobile which season did he has highest KD?

he's highest K/D is 7.67 in season 16.

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