Total Gaming Aka AjjuBhai Uid Number, Biography, Face reveal, free fire id, income, age, and more

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As we all know Free fire is one of the most favourite game of whole world, and most of players belongs from India, It has more than 1B+ download in whole world. It comes in worlds Top 5 battelground game name (Free Fire). This game is more popular in india because this is impressive game. 

Today we are going to know more about an youtuber which is Asia's no.1 Free Fire player and has 26M+ Subscriber. You know him he is Ajjubhai and channel name is Total Gaming gaming. We will know about AjjuBhai biography, face revel, free fire id, income, age, and more.

Short Biography of AjjuBhai

Real Name Ajay
Nick Name Ajay
Age 23
FF UID 451012596
Home Town Ahemdabad, Gujrat
Education Diploma dropout
Country India
Free Fire Name Ajjubahi94
Clan Arrow (team 1)
Teammates Vasiyo, bala, fozy ajay, TG Golden

Social Media Details

Youtube AjjuBhai
Instagram AjjuBhai
Twitter AjjuBhai

AjjuBhai (Total gaming) Biography

Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) real name is Ajay. Ajjubhai belong from a middle class family, live in Ahemdabad city in Gujrat. Ajjubhai age in 2021 is 23 year old, He was a growth hacker first but after he started free fire.

AjjuBhai(Tootal Gaming) he is a youtuber, Streamer, Growth hacker, and owner of Total gaming youtube channel. He yet not revel his face but here you will get his real image of Ajjubhai gaming. (But it is leak)

AjjuBhai Uid Number

AjjuBhai's Uid Number is 451012596 and in game name is "Ajjubahi94". He has more than 6.45M+ subscriber on his youtube channel and he has uploaded more than 34 video on his youtube channel.

Total Gaming Aka AjjuBhai Real Face Reveled with Mythpat 2022

As we all know Total Gaming Aka Ajjubhai has not yet face reveled on his youtube channel. But now on 2nd April 2022 Mythpat reveal Ajjubhai's Face.

Total Gaming Aka ajjubhai face reveal with Mythpat

Finally Mythpat has went to Ajjubhai's house and reveal his face while completing challange given by ajjubhai. And now here is real face of Ajjubhai aka Total Gaming.ajjubhai face reveal

AjjuBhai Youtube Detail

AjjuBhai's youtube channel name is Total Gaming, he has more than 27M+ Subscriber on his Youtube Channelhe started his youtube channel on 9 October 2018 and uploded his first video on 2 December 2018. Ajjubhai has uploded more than 1500+ Video on his youtube channel in 2021.

His youtube channel is rank in whole world in 153rd position to game higest subscriber on his youtube channel.

Youtube Description

Hi Gamers,  I'm AJAY! Here you will see me playing PC games and Mobile Games having some fun.

I Playing Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pubg And GTA 5 With You On Total Gaming Channel.

Fully Indian Gamer With Hindi Commentary.

Youtube Started 2 December 2018.

Business Email:

For Contact: Join My Discord :-

AjjuBhai income

AjjuBhai, He gets average of 700k - 2M+ views on his each videos he uploads. He has total of 3.8 Billion overall video views.

AjjuBhai estimated daily income from YouTube is between $3k - $30k. Total Gaming's monthly income is between $57K - $915K. His net worth is $687K - $11M.

Most Searched Questions about AjjuBhai (Total Gaming)

Who is AjjuBhai 94 aka Total Gaming?

Total Gaming Aka AjjuBhai is a Gamer, Streamer, YouTuber, Content Creator, and Owner of Total Gaming.

What is the the real name of AjjuBhai (Total Gaming) ?

The real name of AjjuBhai is Ajay.

What is the Free Fire ID number of AjjuBhai?

AjjuBhai aka Total Gaming's FF ID is 451012596 and His FF Game name is Ajjubhai94.

What is the Age of AjjuBhai ?

Ajj Bhai's age is 23 Years as of 2021.

What is the Hometown of AjjuBhai aka Total Gaming?

Ahmedabad is the Home Town of Ajay alias Ajjubhai.

Lesser Known Facts about AjjuBhai (Total Gaming)
  •  AjjuBhai (Total Gaming is a SoftWare engineer by profession and work as Growth Hacker in Software company But He is more popular as a gamer.
  • AjjuBhai not only plays Free Fire, But also He plays GTA 5, Call Of Duty, and Pubg also.

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