SynzX Pubg ID, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Controls, Device, Profile, and More

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SynzX Pubg ID

SynzX pubg id is, Pubg is one of the most successful and popular games today. Many players and Gamers chose Pubg as a full-time career. In this article, We are going to talk about SynzX Pubg Id, biography, stats, real name Age, Controls, Sensitivity, and more

SynzX pubg id, SynzX is a legendary Pubg Player, Content Creator, Streamer, Influencer, and He is a member of the SynzXAccount clan.

This article will share with you SynzX Pubg Id, biography, stats, real name Age, Controls, Sensitivity, and more.

Short Biography of SynzX

Real Name Rendy Pradana
Nick Name SynzX
Age Not know
Pubg ID 5203924538
Pubg In-Game Name LMSsynzxHB
Pubg Popularity 200.9K
Clan SynzXAccount
Country Not Know
K/D 3.47
Pubg Partner No
Controls 5 Fingure claw+gyroscope(Always on)
Device iPhone XR

Social Media Details

Youtube SynzX
Instagram @r.synzx
Telegram @Rsynz_x

SynzX Pubg ID

Synzx Pubg In-Game-Name is LMSsynzxHB and His Pubg ID is 5203924538.

SynzX Pubg Details

SynzX First Pubg device was Redmi Note 7, and he currently use iPhone XR for playing pubg mobile.SynzX Recorde his pubg mobile gameplay in iOS Recorder

SynzX Play pubg in Asia Server and his graphics is Smooth - Extreme (Colorful). He is 5 Fingure - Gyroscope (Always on)

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SynzX Pubg mobile sensitivity

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SynzX Biography

SynzX real name is Rendy Pradana. He is a gamer, streamer, and content creator. 

Rendy Pradana aka SynzX, He is from Indonesia. He is a Very famous content creator in whole asia server.

SynzX (Rendy) YouTube Channel

SynzX youtube Channel was started on 03 September 2015. He has a total of 867K+ views on his videos overall. 

SynzX, He has more than 114K+ subscriber on his YouTube channel (maybe increase). Synzx gets an average of 100k - 300k views on each video.

SynzX Social Media

SynzX also manages his Instagram accounts and he uploads a short video on his Instagram.

You can follow His Instagram account - Here

SynzX has more than 5.7K+ followers on His Instagram Account.

Most Popular YouTube video of SynzX.

Most Search Questions about SynzX

Who is SynzX?

SynzX is a Gamer, Streamer, Influencer, Content creator, and official member of SynzXAccount Clan with more than 114K+ subscribers on YouTube.

In which device SynzX play pubg and edit videos?

SynzX plays pubg mobile in iPhone XR and also edits pubg mobile gameplay in it.

What is the real name of SynzX?

SynzX's real name is Rendy Pradana.

What is the Pubg ID of SynzX?

SynzX Pubg Mobile ID is 5203924538 and His IGN is LMSsynzxHB.

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