Hydra Hrishav Pubg ID, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Controls, Device, Profile, and More

Hydra Hrishav Pubg ID, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Controls, Device, Profile, and More

Hydra Hrishav Pubg id, Pubg is one of the most successful and popular games today. Many players and Gamers chose Pubg as a full-time career. In this article, We are going to talk about Hydra Hrishav.

Hydra Hrishav is a legendary Pubg Player, Content Creator, Streamer, Influencer, and He is a member of team hydra official clan. Hydra Hrishav Face revel, pubg id, and more.

Hydra Hrishav girlfriend and pubg id,

Hydra Hrishav girlfriend and pubg id

Today here, In this biography I will provide you Hydra Hrishav Pubg Id, biography, stats, real name Age, Controls, Sensitivity, and more.

Hydra Hrishav Short Biography

Short Biography of Hydra Hrishav

Real Name Hrishav
Nick Name Hydra Hrishav
Age 25 Years
Pubg ID 5137607109
Pubg Popularity 1876.7K
Crew HydraOfficial
Clan HydraOfficial
Country India
K/D 3.18
Nationality Indian
HomeTown Patna
Pubg Partner Sp3012
Controls 4 Fingure claw+gyro
Device One Plus 6+

Social Media Details

Youtube Hydra Hrishav
Instagram @hydra_hrishav
Facebook #HydraHrishav
Email ankitsuk@gmail.com

Hydra Hrishav Pubg ID

Hydra Hrishav's Pubg In-Game-Name is HYDRA | Hrishav and His Pubg ID is 5137607109.

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Hydra Hrishav Biography

Hydra Hrishav's real name is Hrishav. He is 25-year-old gamer, streamer, and content creator. Hydra Hrishav stream gameplay of Pubg mobile on his YouTube channel named Hydra Hrishav(Verified). 

Hrishav aka Hydra Hrishav is from Patna, India.

Hydra Hrishav Discord Server - Hrishav

Hydra Hrishav YouTube Channel

On 18th February 2012 Hydra Hrishav has started his YouTube journey. He has a total of 51.2M+ views on his videos overall. 

Hydra Hrishav, He has more than 346K+ subscriber on his YouTube channel. Hydra Hrishav gets an average of 200k - 500k views on each video.

Hydra Hrishav Social Media

Hydra Hrishav also manages his Instagram and Twitter accounts and continuously upload short videos on his Instagram.

You can follow His Instagram account - Here

Hydra Hrishav has more than 59.9K+ followers on His Instagram Account.

Most Search Questions about Hydra Hrishav

Who is Hydra Hrishav?

Hydra Hrishav is a Gamer, Streamer, Influencer, Content creator, and official member of Hydra Clan with more than 346K+ subscribers on YouTube.

What is the real name of Hydra Hrishav?

Hydra Hrishav's real name is Hrishav.

What is the Pubg ID of Hydra Hrishav?

Hydra Hrishav's Pubg Mobile ID is 5137607109 and His IGN is HYDRA | Hrishav.

Most Popular YouTube video of Hydra Hrishav.

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