Mr. Spike Pubg ID, Stats, K/D, Sensitivity, Controls, and More

Mr. Spike Pubg ID, Stats, K/D, Sensitivity, Controls, and More

Mr. Spike is a very famous pubg mobile player and content creator. His real name is Nitish Reddy. He natively belongs to Hyderabad, Telangana. Mr.spike is one of the most popular e-sports players and regional finalists in pubg mobile.

Today In this article, I am gonna share with you Mr. Spike's Pubg ID, Real name, age, stats, K/D, and More.

Mr. Spike Pubg ID

Mr. Spike Real Name is Nitish Reddy and he is popularly known as his real name. Mr. spike is a very popular and fabulous PUBG mobile gamer.  His Pubg ID is 5162749076.

"Mr. Spike" is his own channel. On his channel, he daily uploads gaming highlights and streams of  PUBG Mobile. Mr. spike is really a competitive e-sport player around and also he is the biggest streamer around. Mr. spike is also PMCO Regional Finalist as I had already told you.

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Mr. Spike YouTube Channel

As you know, He is a very popular Pubg Player and Content creator. He has more than 6 Lakh of subscribers on his YouTube channel called Mr. Spike. He uploads videos regarding gameplay, tips, and tricks also. Mr. Spike had got an average of 1 lakh view on his each and every video that he had uploaded on his own youtube channel, Mr. Spike.

Mr. Spike Accievments

🏅SEASON 8 - Conqueror in SOLO, DUO, SQUAD All of this 
🏅PMCO Regional Finalists

Mr. Spike Squad Team Mates

  • Jembty 
  • Spike 
  • Sharko 
  • Cavesharko

What is Mr. Spike Monthly Earnings?

His channel has more than 5 lakh active subscribers. On each and every live-stream video he had gained over 3 lakh views. Now let's talk about his earnings from his own youtube channel then he earns monthly about 2 lakh 80 thousand to 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees and we got this information due to the social blade stats data.

Lesser Known Facts About Mr. Spike

What is the real name of Mr. Spike?
His real name is Nitish Reddy.

Nitish Reddy alias Mr. Spike lives in which state?
He lives in Telangana state in India.

What is the favorite gun of Mr. Spike?
His favorite gun is Vector.

What is the Pubg ID of Mr. Spike?
His Pubg Mobile Id is 5162749076.

Mr. Spike Pubg Mobile Stats

This is the statistic of season 17 of Mr. Spike.

Mr. Spike Sensitivity

This is the sensitivity setting of Mr. Spike.

Popular Video of Mr. Spike on Youtube

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