Battlegrounds Mobile India Available on Early Access: Download Link and Gameplay Details

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Available on Early Access: Download Link and Gameplay Details

BattleGround Mobile India Download Link Below: 

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Battleground Mobile India/Krafton has released an early access build of Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store. If you are a tester or are extremely keen to know how the game looks and feels like, you can download it now. We have installed it on our phones and here we’ll be sharing the gameplay experience too. Battlegrounds Mobile India Available on Early Access: Download Link and Gameplay Details. How to Download BGMI Apk, learn How to download BGMI apk. BattleGround Mobile India Download Link, Get Free Direct Download Link.

Download Battelgroung Mobile India (Early Access)

You can download the early release of Battlegrounds Mobile India here. You’ll be directed to Play Store after enrolling in the testing program. You can withdraw from the testing program whenever you wish. Also, when the public release is here, you can move to that by uninstalling the testing version and installing the public version from Google Play Store.

Note: If you are getting the BGMI pre-register screen, just Force Stop the Play Store and try again.

Update: BGMI’s testing program has apparently reached the maximum quota. You can however download the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK (MB) and OBB (621MB) here. Thereafter place the OBB file within Internal Storage > Android folder > OBB folder. Install the downloaded BGMI APK and Open the game. It should run fine.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India is said to release on June 18. When it releases, if you have pre-registered already, you should be able to quickly install or even have it automatically install on your phone.

If you have opted into the testing program, it might take some hours before you get to download the public version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India GamePlay

You can log in to the game using Google Play Games, Facebook account, etc. The game also offers you an “Account Data Transfer” option that lets you carry over PUBG Mobile data. You can do this migration up till December 31, 2021. Also, it won’t bring over the in-game mails and attachments.

Within the game, you get to select between Low-spec (379.6MB) and HD (618.2MB) resource pack.

Before getting into the action, you can choose your character/avatar appearance, attire, etc. You can also go through a training session, if you want.

This time around, the game warns you of long-time continuous gaming by messages like this is a simulation and not real-world, asking you to take timely breaks, etc. The blood is also green now hinting at a safer gameplay environment. The main lobby and UI look like Global PUBG. The Friends List and Clans have gotten reset even after an account transfer. There are new maps that weren’t present in the pre-ban version. And as far as the gameplay is concerned, it feels very reminiscent of good old PUBG.

So, have you played the game? Let us know down in the comments about your experience and especially if you have won your chicken dinner.

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