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KingAnBru Pubg ID

Do you want to know KingAnBru PUBG ID then this is his Pubg ID (563954216) and also to Check his PUBG Profile Stats then you are landed at the right place? In this Web article we are going to share some interesting facts about KingAnBru PUBG ID, stats, Real Name, Age, Earning, KD, Wiki, Biography, and Viral Video you need to know about kinganbru.

KingAnBru Pubg ID

Kinganbru Earning is 1-2 lakh per month. All you Want to Know About Kinganbru. In this article, you will get all the information about kingAnBru.

KingAnBru is an Indian YouTuber his Channel contains Gaming videos on his Youtube Channel with over 2.2 Million Subscribers. kinganbru's Real name is Aniket sood . KingAnBru had started his youtube channel on 3rd August 2015 and his  Channel cross 333,155,837 views. kinganbru uploads Gameplay Videos of PUBG Mobile. kinganbru had also multiple Channels on his Youtube by the name of AnBruMAN and AnBruisPlaying.

KingAnBru Wiki Bio.

KingAnBru is 19 Years Old boy. He is from India. Aniket sood always make pubg gameplay videos also he share funny moments, funny montages,funny memes & highlights videos of PUBG Mobile. Aniket sood has 3 Youtube channels which are KingAnBru, AnBruMAN, & AnBruisPlaying.


KingAnBru Bgmi/Pubg Id

KingAnBru PUBG(Bgmi) ID is 563954216, KingAnBru Clan Name – Elite Squad

KingAnBru all season K/D ratio

He Used to play PUBG Mobile Since Season 2 Starts and his K/D is in 

season 2 = 5.74, 

Season 3 = 3.60,

Season 4 = 5.27,

Season 5 = 8.73,

Season 6 = 6.89,

Season 7 = 5.17,

Season 8 = 6.00,

Season 9 = 7.10,

Season 10 = 6.26 from season 2 to season 10 respectively.

He has occupied Prefectioist title and also pubg provide him Pubg Partner Title too.

KingAnBru Youtube Journey

100 Subscribers:- 13/6/2016

500 Subscribers:- 1/1/2017

10k Subscribers:- 16/1/2018

20k Subscribers:- 26/4/2018

50k Subscribers:- 2/11/2018

100k Subscribers:- 18/1/2019

500k Subscribers:- 8/7/2019

800k Subscribers:- 30/10/2019

1 Million Subscribers:- 20/12/2019

YouTube Viral Video

Kinganbru Sensitivity


His Camera and ADS sensitivity


His Gyroscope Sensitivity

Most Searched Questions about KingAnBru

Who is KingAnBru?

Ans: KingAnBru is the famous Indian Bgmi Gamer. He is the famous because of PUBG Mobile videos and daily content.

What is the real name of KingAnBru?

Ans: The Real name of Kinganbru is Aniket Sood

Which phone does KingAnBru use?

Ans: iPad 2018 6th Generation.

How much the net worth of KingAnBru?

Ans: Not Known


So this is KingAnBru's real info about his success, Game Pubg ID, Real Name, Earning.

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