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TSG Ritik

On this page, you will know the amazing facts about TSG Ritik and also about his Youtube Carriers such as Free Fire ID, Free fire name, Youtube Income, Wikipedia, Family details, Relationships, Gaming style, Gaming carrier, And his real name. So let’s started to talk about him.


Short Biography on TSG Ritik

Real Name Ritik
Nick Name TGS Ritik
Free Fire UID 124975352
Age (2021) Not Know
Fingure 4 Fingure
Clan TGS Army
Device Red Magic 3/IPhone
Country India
Parent's Not Know


TSG Ritik's UID number is 591981711 and in game name is "TGS Ritik". He has more than 13.1M+ subscriber on his youtube channel and he has uploaded more than 451 video on his youtube channel.

Free Fire is a legendary game that only true gamers and true freefire lovers can only feel and have all the fun in the Game. It is one of the Best and loving Games in India in the Year 2020 and it is increasing Day by Day in India and the best thing about this game that is free-fire Content creator and they are the best and crazy at making its Gameplay. The well-known Creative creator, who makes a decision they are the Beast and very nice gamers in the FF Community.

TSG Ritik Biography

TSG Ritik aka Ritik is a very Famous Free fire Gamer with his Fellow Teammate TSG Jash. They are the best Content Creator of Free Fire in India. People love more than Free Fire. They are the best and Play like Beast in the Whole Free Fire Community.

Player Wikipedia

TSG Ritik a very well-known and famous Youtuber because of his op gameplay with his Fellow Teammates TSG JASH. When they both players Play together the match goes on fire and thay become beast gamers. TSG fans love his gameplay when they both gamers play together then their fans aand viewrs love that crazy gameplay. They are one of the most beast and op player of Free Fire and This Gamers Famous Content Creator of Freefire.


TSG Ritik Started his youtube Carrier with his fellow teammates TSG Jash and they started their carrier on 19-September-2018 but now they have more than 687k+ Subscriber and more than 89+ million views because they are one of the best Gamer aka Free Fire Gamer but they also Play GTA V, Fall Guys, Among US .

Less Known Facts About

Ritik is TSG RITIK.

They also Fall Guys and GTA v.

They have launched Their Music Also.

He is one of the best Gamer in the Whole FreeFire Community.

Contact Information

Popular YouTube Video Of

Two side Gamer Interview

Gameplay of Two side Gamer

Most Searched question about

Who is TSG RITIK in Free Fire Community?

TSG Ritik is a very Famous and a beast Gamer of Free Fire .

Is their any Discord Channel of TSG Ritik?

yes, Find here, Below This.

Are TSG ritik and TSG Jash teammates?

yes, they are Teammates and runs a Youtube channel TSG Gamers.


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