Mr.Lol Pubg ID, Real Name, K/D, Stats, device, Country, and More

Mr lol Pubg ID, Mr lol Real Name, Mr lol K/D, Mr lol Stats, Mr lol Device, Mr lol Country,

 Mr.Lol Pubg

Mr.Lol Pubg ID

Short Biography of Mr. Lol

Real Name Abdullah Ijaz
Nickname Mr. LoL
Age 20 year old
Birth Place Jahania, Multan, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Country Pakistan
PUBG ID 5239485174
Clan Name Mrz
Crew Not in a Crew
Device iPhone 8 Plus
Controls 4 Finger + Gyroscope

Social Media Information

Instagram yt_mrlol
Youtube yt_mrlol

MR LOL Biography

MR LOL is the most popular PUBG Mobile Player in Pakistan. His real name is Abdullah Ijaz. He lives in Multan, Pakistan. He is 20 years old. 

Currently, he is doing BSC-CS. MR LOL has 105k subscribers on Youtube. He started his Youtube channel in 2018, February. he has all around 7 million views on his Youtube channel. MR LOL’s most famous video has 1 million views. Abdullah Ijaz always plays PUBG Mobile in his iPhone 8 Plus and he is 4 Finger Claw with Gyro Always On in his setting. "Mr.Lol" Pubg’s clan name is MRz. 

Mr Lol Pubg Id

Mr Lol's PUBG ID is 5239485174 and his PUBG mobile player name is "Mr. LOL". Abdullah Ijaz is the leader of his Clan, He is popular on his YouTube channel and also He has gained more than 3 million popular in-game (PUBG Mobile).

Less Known Facts about Mr. LOL

Recently, he had got a golden play button from his YouTube channel.

His real name is Abdullah Ijaz. 

He lives in Multan, Pakistan. 

He is 20 Years Old. He is verified on Youtube & TikTok. 

He has the Mythic Fashion Title.

Levinho (Most Famous Pubg Player) commented on his video, He is the First Pakistani who got comments from Levinho.

Popular Pubg Mobile Videos of Mr. Lol

Here are the most popular videos of Abdullah Ijaz on his youtube channel. one of the first most popular video on his youtube channel has more than 1 million views and also more than 50k Likes. And the second most popular video has more than 500k+ views on YouTube channel.

Most Searched Questions about MR LOL

Who is MR LOL?

Abdullah Ijaz is the Famous Pubg Mobile Player in pakistan. He has 90k subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

What is Mr. LOL's real name?

His real name is Abdullah Ijaz And he is popularly known as Mr. Lol.

Which device does Mr. LoL use for PUBG Mobile?

iPhone 8 Plus MR LOL

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